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What should I do…

Ever since I took a day off from translating Tsuji’s blog completely, for work and to go out and keep a social life; the amount of new posts looked so overwhelming.

As I’m only 17, i’m still living with my parents, so as they’re always busy I also have the “privelege” of babysitting my 3 and 9 year old sisters a lot, as well as having the most time consuming chores of washing the dishes and washing/hanging out/bringing in/ folding the clothes (from my host mum I’ve gotten the habit of folding everything like you would for a shop.. it takes time but…) for a 6 people family. My older brother, although 19, is a little too “busy” to be at home to help most of the time, even though he still lives here.

I didn’t come back home to put up with this stress and to act as housewife while my poor Mum does the 12 hour shifts and my Dad spends his days in the office “working”, so he deserves to not do any chores apparently (yet Mum comes home after 12 hours at 6am/6pm depending on the shift, and still finds a way to make sure everything is in order before taking a well deserved sleep)

So, as I’m not going to school anymore, at first I thought I could keep up with a new project, at least for a while. Even though it was originally just for practice at Japanese, I took up translating Tsuji’s blog. But, Murphy’s Law likes to bite people in the ass. As soon as that happened, one of our cars broke down, dad became a whole lot “busier” (ok, he does earn money with his little computer “business” but its not stable and its sure as hell not enough to allow him to act like the “future millionaire” he’s “going to be” with his Amway -_- ), my sister returned to school leaving me alone with the 3 yr old… a lot of stuff has happened and I have no time. At all. I love translating, it’s something I strangely enjoy. But its become a chore to stay awake to do them at 1-5am to keep them updated. I would love to do it, but I just can’t handle it. And now, everyones got H!O to turn to, so they won’t turn to other sources as much anymore, which is good timing for me.

As I can’t take this life since returning home, and I REALLY need the independence AND time I was given by my host family by earning it, instead of working my ass off as if I was a parent of the house and not getting anything in the form of time or freedom to go out (or money, not that I want to take that from my Mum) in return; coming next week, Friday the 13th, I’m moving out, back to my hometown… bad choice of date I know XD. I feel bad leaving my Mum without an extra (overworked) helping hand, but they didn’t have me here for a whole 10 months, so they’ll find a way to stop depending on me again.
I’ll be living with my Nan but I’ll be paying for all my own stuff myself like rent and food and internet and everything. Which means, at first, it’ll be better to not use the internet at all. How many weeks or months I’ll not use it, I’m not sure. I’ll be looking for and will be starting a full time job, starting to learn how to drive, as well as saving up enough and then seeing if I can do bridging courses for yr 11 and 12 at Tafe; seeing as I missed out on yr 11 and driving lessons so I could go to Japan, and would be behind a year if I went back to school (like, no thanks). So, once the important stuff is sorted, then I’ll think about internet access.

So what I’m trying to say is… I’m sorry I couldn’t keep my promise to update as soon as possible and help give Tsuji a voice to her international fans as well… it was shortlived, but I guess heres where I stop unless time suddenly turns in my favour. But really, I’m surprised I even have the time to write this. That’s how bad it is. If I ever have the chance, I will try to do the latest ones (skipping the ones I missed) seeing as it really is good, fun practice for me. Thanks for the feature and for actually coming to my blog and reading my translations despite my lack of experience!

By the way, about the “contributions” page that was put up recently… that was not my doing. It pains me to have that page, that makes me look like a beggar. There are SO many more experienced people on the web that translate and do it a LOT better and have a LOT more uploaded material then I do… and I don’t deserve to ask for any “donations”. And, if you will believe me, the truth is I didn’t put that on my site. Dad did. Because for ONE DAY, I got over 2000 visitors to my blog. And, his.. “princess” getting 2000 hits to a site automatically meant “OMG, MONEY” to him. So he nagged me. I said no. It’s begging and I don’t deserve it. He complained to Mum. She told me to let him do it, otherwise he would never let it go. He came to me again. I told him no. He tried blackmailing me; “Oh I see, you’re just another one of the 95%, following the crowd, who will never get anywhere because they don’t have an entrepreneurial mind”. I said that’s wrong; I don’t want to cos I don’t deserve it, and it just screams BEGGING. And besides, why does everything we ENJOY always have to turn into A WAY TO MAKE MONEY? Its disgusting, and there should be a line between them if we want there to be.

And then he sulked, I was told to do it by Mum again, and for her sake so he would leave her alone, I agreed, reluctantly. The Paypal account is in his computer businesses name.. the thing hes so “busy” with all the time.

…So yeah. By my choice, from next week I’ll have to be paying for everything as if I lived by myself, even though I’ll be living with my Nan. So, if you feel like donating 50c or more to a 17yr old someone who hasn’t really deserved your well-earned 50c or more at all, I’d be absolutely shocked and extremely happy.

(Hopefully, if theres still less than 10 clicks on the Contributions page before I move out, I can convince Dad that shutting it down is “ok”)

I hope to God he doesn’t see this page.

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