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Oku March 26


2010-03-26 16:39:27

Hello v(^^♪

I’m feeling pain in my muscles all throughout my body today (T_T”)

So, I’m going to take baths

and stay in a lot longer than usual ❤ (^ω^)

I’ve just been filling out a survey v(^^♪

I’ll be finished with it very soon ❤

It was so long… (^_^||)‶ lol


School finished today =3 ☀ v(^^♪

It’s spring break from tomorrow onwards ♪♪ (^^♪ ❤

I’m so happy v(^^♪

However, spring break’s only a half-sized holiday

I don’t really know

what I should do for it (x.X)‶ lol

Does anyone have any plans made?!?!?!? (^^♪

I think I’ll probably end up following the pattern of it finishing without me doing anything at all ^ω^ lol


All the students reading this,

have a fun spring break, yeah~? ♪

Well then

See ya later ❤


Dance Studio Umeda March 26

Dance Studio Umeda

2010-03-26 14:48:56

I can’t settle my excitement down…

Yesterday, I was standing on THE Yokohama Arena stage p(´⌒`q)…

I still feel lightness in my heart.

I’m so overly fond of the stage, so I lied down to hug it!! (≧∇≦)

The Miyazawa Household March 26 1

The Miyazawa Household

2010-03-26 02:12:27

All 3 performances of our concert in Yokohama Arena,

“AKB48 – Hope For A Full House Festival – The Pros and Cons-,”

have been performed without any problems ↑ ↑!!!! (≧∀≦)v ❤

Gaw~~~~~~~~~d all 3 concerts were sooo much fun!! (^^♪ ❤

Yesterday, as I got involved in “The Case of the Caramel” (^ω^) lol

I couldn’t properly share my thoughts with everyone

so, today, I’m gonna express all my thoughts in full ♪ (^ヮ-”)

Firstly, for each of the Yokohama concerts,

I was in a constant state of nervousness!! (x.X)

I was so nervous that I could still feel it even while performing on stage.

Today, during the “Singles Medley” in our third concert, I was finally able to slightly compose myself and those feelings (x.X)!! That’s how long I’ve been feeling these nerves from the very top of my head all the way down to the very tips of my toes (T_T”)

In particular!! During the song’s that I was singing for, in the times I’d be waiting for the next song that I’d perform for, while on standby..

During those times, there was no part of me that wasn’t throbbing with nerves!! (●´mn`)”

However, I was put under a magic spell by you all when I was on the stage ☆彡(゚❤ω❤゚)

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Is That Kobayashi? March 26

Is That Kobayashi?

2010-03-26 00:29:51

I’m gonna tell you about Kana’s day, skipping stuff about the concert (。・_・。)ノ

First up, got massaged by my trainer…………it felt too good and so I fell asleep like that lol

Then I had bed hair……

crap ☃☃☃

I look like a mountain witch, huh?

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2010-03-25 23:07:14

Good evening ❤

We’ve safely finished up

our two days at Yokohama Arena ↑ ↑ (^^♪

Today was particularly hard,

what with me jumbling things up in my head; it was a little difficult to handle but,

I was able to enjoy myself sooo much in that state during the performance

…in any case, it was funnnn~ ❤ lol

For the night performance,

we opened with a drama version

of Majisuka Gakuen but,

because it’s my first time performing a play in such a large place,

I think that was #1 for

the most nervous I’ve ever felt in my life (x.X) !!!!!!!!

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Dance Studio Umeda

Dance Studio Umeda

2010-03-25 23:05:07

The concert is over and I’m currently going home (・o・)…

Truly, TRULY, TRULY, to everyone that came to see us…

Thankyou for having such a great time with us!!!!

For Day Two’s daytime performance,

I opened with the song “End Roll”

that I love (^∀^)

And, and, and,

that thing that made me happy, that I talked about a while ago when it was daytime…

Since it started at AX, every time we do a concert performance, a girl that did really well for that performance, in short, a MVP is chosen…

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2010-03-25 23:04:02

The Yokohama Arena concert, is now over!!!!


It was a toooooooooootal blast

That sentence sums it up (*´ω`)

Well anyway, the place was huge…


This time, we were surprised to have an unexpected announcement made.

As you might expect from being given a surprise,

I GOT surprised Σ(゚∀゚ノ)ノ

But because we’re being given this new incentive, it means I now have a new goal to aim for.

Also!! Once again I was given a shock because,

it seems that there will be a 2nd Senbatsu Election that is going to take place!!!

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