I Might Burst Into Tears


This post’s title, (untranslated as) “Nakidasu Kamoshirenai Yo” is the coupling song of our single “Onna Ga Medatte Naze Ikenai” which is on sale today.
Sayumi totally looooves this song ♪

Starting with the melody… that sparkling feeling that the intro gives off… it makes my heart throb \(☆o☆)/


And then, the lyrics…I so strongly felt the pain of a girl who’s heartbreak is bordering to the point of the “I might burst into tears” line.

Thinking of that one special person; waiting anxiously, restlessly, because that’s all you can do, just waiting for him all through the night and yet, it becomes morning and you are still alone (>_<)

I’m pained just from imagining it; waiting all night, sleeplessly, thinking only of that special somebody(>_<)(>_<)

Kyaa, in the same way Sayumi thought too much about my blog last night and I ended up staying up too late (^_^;)


But when I finally went to bed, I still managed to get a great nights sleep so it’s all good ♪

But I still woke up pretty early even though I stayed up late (^o^)/ My feelings of “I want to blog!!!!” woke me up (^∀^)ノ

Sayumi’s completely fallen for my blog. I’ve been dragged in. I love my blog ♪

Now that I’ve taken up blogging, I might burst into tears.

Gawd…Now when I sing this song I think I’ll sing it really emotionally ♪

whilst thinking about the blog, I’ll replace the words about the guy in the song with words about the blog♪


Its suuuch a heartbreaking song, “Nakidasu Kamoshirenai Yo.” Everyone, please listen to it no matter what! (b^ー°)♪

The second photo is of me completely clean of any makeup (>Σ<)

Today, after I’ve done this, I’m going to get done up all cute by the make-up artist, so for quite a while now I’ve been giving my skin a break (‘o‘)ノ


So today, once it gets quite late, I’ll be starting work so I’m just about to head off for now ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛

I’ll blog again ♪♪

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1 Response to “08. I Might Burst Into Tears”

  1. 1 Glen Reid November 27, 2017 at 4:23 am

    I looked at this blog you once had. You seemed to have abandoned it 8 years ago and forgot to deactivate it, adding weight to the warning… “Be careful what you post on line… because what goes on line… stays on line.”

    Like… http://twitter.com/MrGlenReid

    …yep… I’m an idiot too.

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