2009-02-01 08:20:10


Good morning! ニコニコ hare hand

There’s going to be a concert at Yokohama Arena today too, narii1 nihihi heart3 heart3

There’ll be two performances, narii1 nihihi heart3 heart3

After this, I’ll be going to Yokohama Arena to get my makeup done, narii
1 nihihi heart5 heart5 heart5

Right now I’m… going to go full throttle just to get up, narii 1 ase sweatdrop

I’ve washed my face  shobon peace



Did you just sa1
y, “You’re overdoing the narinarii1hu sweatdrop2

And then you said… “I don’t know who is in this photo you just took”
hu ase don

Well, basically…..

It’s Tsuji-chan, narii1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 up1up1sweatdrop2

…yeah…sorry…shock sweatdrop2 sweatdrop2 sweatdrop2

You’re wroo2ng
It’s because the live shows are really too much fun; so even if I have to get up early in the morning, even if I’m a little tired, I still end up being really high-spirite2 2 2 2d nihihi heart3 heart3
Everyone, please keep socializing with me, the kind of person who’s like this in the early mornings heart3 sweatdrop

Well, I’m gonna do my best today too, beh beeta stars2 stars2

I’ll keep goin’ at it  heartcard heartcard heartcard

(thanks so much to Hana and Girasol at mmbbs for all their help for this post!)


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