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Uhh…. say WaT?!

Did WaT I experience today really happen?! Did I really wake up at 5:30 to line up for HOURS to WaTch Wentz and Koike perform their new single, 36°C from sheer metres away?! Okay, I’ll stop with the lame WaT jokes now.

But no. Its real. Its all real. All I had to do was buy their new single, meet up with my friend and her sister, who also bought the cd, and with the ticket that was inside, line up for a few hours or so. I got to watch and listen to WaT’s mini live (which wasn’t written on the ticket, but we guessed there would be one) and they did a handshake event, which was the whole reason for the meet.

Oh. My. God. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a million times. Wentz is not human. He’s too beautiful for that. And Koike-kun? Well, hes gorgeous, but we all know that. But Wentz, he’s something special! His eyes are amazing, his mix of German, American and Japanese makes him so amazing…

And I held his hands. And spoke to him without really thinking, the fastest I’ve ever spoken in my life, for all of the 5 seconds I had before giving in to the pushes of the staff. What did I say? I’m not quite sure that I remember. I know it was in Japanese, and I added a bit too much Osaka-ben then necessary, because its natural :P. Pretty sure it was what I said to Koike plus my feelings towards Wentz lol. I said to both of them “Today was so cool, as always! Good luck!”. When I held Koike-kun’s hands, his eyes kinda widened. And after I spoke, he bowed a little and said “Thankyou very much. I’m glad you came!” Apparently, Koike normally only says “Thankyou very much”, but I’m glad I got a little extra ^-^ Ever since their movie in 06, in which Koike pats his girlfriends head, its become quite normal to ask Koike to pat your head, which my friend asked him to do!! I was too shy though, haha.

Then, it was Wentz. I said the same to Wentz, as well as… I dunno. “I really respect you so much. You’re amazing and I really like you!” or something. But, it didn’t sound so weird in Japanese. The way he half laughed and smiled as I turned because I was pushed away from Staff (you literally had 2 seconds, but basically everyone stayed until they were nudged away XD), and yet held his hand until the last milisecond that I could as I walked away. And I turned around, and he still looked at me for half a second as he held my friend’s hands, before turning to her. Maybe. It doesn’t matter. I’m just another of the millions he shook hands with today, and will shake hands with tomorrow, in Tokyo.

But to me, I’ll never forget this. It’s so stupid, childish, girlish and fake… this feeling, this experience. It matters to them, for sales and publicity and keeping the fans. But it doesn’t matter emotionally; the fan in this second and the fan in the next, they won’t remember one from the other the next time they meet, theres so name, no real feelings. Thankyou for your support.. um… “number 963 of todays event”.

But despite the fact that I can’t help but feel its so stupid… I loved and will never forget it, ever. I better not, cos I didn’t risk taking a picture to remind me, like that guy that got kicked out.

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