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AKB48 Mnemosyne Thing

I just checked the Mnemosyne site.. and, well, it doesn’t seem to be letting anyone even see that there is something to download. Is anyone having that problem? Please tell me here or on my twitter @Buushu, or email me at so I can try and fix it :/



First off thanks so much for the concern and from now on I wanna start doing Sayu’s blog again when I have the time but maybe only posts that grab my interest..

Next, I’ve been on Ameblo for… quite a while? I can’t remember when I made an account, but I hadn’t even started a blog there until today. I guess it’ll be just daily stuff about me but I wanna keep talking about idols and music and japan there as well. So far I’ve done two posts, one in English and one and Japanese for the same thing: new hybrid punch dvd and a game arrived today!

Please support me and my goal of being able to write well in both English and Japanese at Ashu’s “Seriousness” Is For You (Yeah I named it after that Majisuka ep for no reason >.<)

So… Sick. Tired. Confused.

I don’t know whats happening to me. Ever since what, yesterday or the day before? I dunno, time doesn’t really matter at the moment. My body just suddenly keeps like… shutting down and I just NEED TO SLEEP like all the time. It’s so strange. I’ve got no energy at all. I try and get up energy to eat in the times when I feel a little ok, but all foods revolting me atm and I just don’t think it’s making any difference. I don’t know when I’ll be back to coming on my computer next. In the occasional moment (like now) when I have managed to get up from wherever I’ve crashed (the bed, couch, and I’ve even woken up and found myself in the kitchen, on the floor…that was freaky, I don’t remember lying down there :/) I’ve mostly just gone and forced myself to eat something so I can get down the medication I’ve been given for.. whatever the hell is happening to my body. I think I’m gonna lie down again soon.. This is the first time this has happened to me and it’s scaring the hell out of me. I hope it’s over soon and it never happens again.


I know its bad for a new blogger to suddenly disappear, but I have my reasons. I have a life to live, and I don’t like spending a lot of time on the computer, especially seeing as this is my host family’s computer. My exchange program said we shouldn’t use the computer more than like once a week if we need to check emails or train schedules or important stuff, and my host family is awesome enough to let me use the computer whenever I want if it doesn’t clash with my host mum’s Skype English lessons, and as long as its turned off by 11pm.

But, this week has been so hectic. On the 19th and 20th its our school’s festival. I don’t read much manga or watch much anime, but I’m sure that if you’ve seen any to do with high school kids, you would know about ‘bunkasai’, the yearly cultural/school festival. You know, the thing with the cosplay, bands, food stalls, cafés (again, sometimes cosplay), fortune tellers, manzai (comedy), stageplays, dance competitions, club demonstrations etc. Don’t listen to what they tell you, they don’t really continue through high school to go to a top university and slave away at work for the rest of their lives! They go through the optional years of high school simply for the friends, clubs and bunkasai.

Anyway, my class is doing an.. um… interesting play. So, we’ve got a few Ultramans, the ‘Go’ Rangers/5 Rangers/Power Rangers, the SPs (Security Police: like a Japanese version of the Secret Service) and the witches as the good guys, I think. Then, theres the hybrid child of Godzilla and Yoshi (because such creatures come standard, duh :P) and some other bad guys that I haven’t actually worked out who they are yet. And then theres the kidnapped princess. Guess who was forced without being asked chosen to be the poor little princess? GAIKOKUJIN of course!


Teh (fugly) Gaikokujin-ness!!

Nah, I’m all up in the clouds about being chosen over the cuter and more suitable girls of our class, but its so stressful. Since summer vacation, I and a few others have been going to class in our own time to make and prepare props and stuff. And since Wednesday this week, after school I’ve been staying in class during my club’s time with a few others and just preparing. We still haven’t practiced stage positions at all. Most of the main guys haven’t turned up AT ALL. And yesterday, Saturday, from 12 to 6pm, we were there doing the class T-Shirts and the main poster etc. We were SUPPOSED to be recording our voices seeing as the bands and other clubs will be using all the mikes, so we’ll be lipsynching. But, typically, only 2 girls who are the witches, two of the 5 rangers, and one ultraman turned up, plus about 4 people who aren’t in the play. Oh yay. We’re screwed.

And then theres dance club. Every night AFTER I’ve been working my ass off for this thing and skipping most of club, at about 6pm, we all go to this place about 20 mins walk away cos the building design is like all glass on the outside, so we practise our dances there until about 10 each night. But, I’m a sucky dancer. Kan-chan and Rika-chan are awesome and have had so much more time to practice (their class actually DOES STUFF and is FINISHED with their preparation) so they’re mostly synched. And then theres me doing my thing, pretty unsynched dammit.

Plus the two new parts we were taught yesterday for the dance where everyone in the club, all 50ish people or so, dance. Kind of like ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL, the 1st years have a part first, then the 2nd years, then the guys part, then the 1st and 2nd years together, then the 3rd years, 3rd years plus guys, then everyone.

Anyway, to close this random rant down to what I originally wanted to say simply. All this preparation and the dances are actually really fun, but this is my one chance to experience the Japanese school festival and I want it to go well. I’m slow at learning dances and not so good at it yet, and the play seems to be on the verge of failing. Plus I’m leaving home at 7 each day and getting home at 11ish each night for school nights, getting to bed somewhere around 2. I’m mentally and physically exhausted. Of course I thought about posting and chatting on the wotachat and all, but there was no time until last night, when Kan-chan hurt her leg a little so we stopped at 7pm. We’ve already had Azumi-chan fall off her bike and shes not able to dance for her group, which Kan-chan is now filling in for. We can’t afford to lose anymore members so if anyone gets hurt we stop early so they can rest up and hopefully be ok in a day or two. So, last night was my first time with a few free hours. I thought about posting something, but I just wanted some alone time. Just me, my dinner, my music, in my room, doing what I love doing most: singing random, mostly H!P, songs and writing in my diary etc, until I got ready for bed and managed to go to bed early at midnight for once.

Oh and Nacchi and I made up a new part for The Stress (Ashu is what my name is in Japan. Because Ashi means foot lol. Oh, and the s is actually held for two counts but I dont like seeing Ass in my romaji name XD):

SUTORESU ga ASHU wo DAME ni suru

Ahh, now if I only REALLY knew Nacchi. That would be awesome.