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Idle Gossip

Idle Gossip

2010-03-25 14:19:32
(I have no idea who wrote this post, they’re writing under the name of “resident” so whether it’s one of the 6 members or another AKB48 member, I’m not sure)

Just now, Yokohama Arena Day Two’s day performance finished ❤

It was really, really fun ✿✿

It was cold and rainy outside, and yet, the Yokohama Arena was pretty much

“A Full-House Festival”

Even just the fact that we were allowed to have a concert in such a large place as this, it’s all thanks to all of you,

our family who continues to support us (^ε^)

From the stage, it looked like the whole arena was full of glow-sticks

So much so that it was just like a sea of lights.


These T-shirts!!!

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