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Oku March 26


2010-03-26 16:39:27

Hello v(^^♪

I’m feeling pain in my muscles all throughout my body today (T_T”)

So, I’m going to take baths

and stay in a lot longer than usual ❤ (^ω^)

I’ve just been filling out a survey v(^^♪

I’ll be finished with it very soon ❤

It was so long… (^_^||)‶ lol


School finished today =3 ☀ v(^^♪

It’s spring break from tomorrow onwards ♪♪ (^^♪ ❤

I’m so happy v(^^♪

However, spring break’s only a half-sized holiday

I don’t really know

what I should do for it (x.X)‶ lol

Does anyone have any plans made?!?!?!? (^^♪

I think I’ll probably end up following the pattern of it finishing without me doing anything at all ^ω^ lol


All the students reading this,

have a fun spring break, yeah~? ♪

Well then

See ya later ❤




2010-03-25 23:07:14

Good evening ❤

We’ve safely finished up

our two days at Yokohama Arena ↑ ↑ (^^♪

Today was particularly hard,

what with me jumbling things up in my head; it was a little difficult to handle but,

I was able to enjoy myself sooo much in that state during the performance

…in any case, it was funnnn~ ❤ lol

For the night performance,

we opened with a drama version

of Majisuka Gakuen but,

because it’s my first time performing a play in such a large place,

I think that was #1 for

the most nervous I’ve ever felt in my life (x.X) !!!!!!!!

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2010-03-25 11:05:49


Good morning ☀ v(^^

Today, we will do two performances

for Day Two of our Yokohama Arena concerts (^^♪ ↑ !!


Yukarin woke me up this morning just like I asked!! (^^♪ (❤▽❤) 。.+゜

Today, we ran through the whole performance in rehearsal and we’ve finished that, so now it’s time for a tiny break (^^♪ 。.+゜

But we still got more to come after this… (・。・;


If we keep going as we are I feel like I’ll fall asleep (^ω-)。.+゜lol

Just a little

Good night (^^♪ ❤



2010-03-24 23:01:50


I have to get up early tomorrow as well so,

today we’re sleeping over ★ ❤

I’m sharing a room with Yukarin~ ↑(^^♪

Yukarin, please wake me up in the morning (❤∀❤) lol


I’m now going to have a bath

then prepare for tomorrow with a sleep (^^♪ ↑

Tomorrow’s our last day at Yokohama Arena ★

I was able to enjoy today but,

there were so many things that I have to work on!!!

I’ll even better tomorrow!!!!!!


And then ★

When I read everyone’s comments

I get spirit v(^^♪ ↑  ↑

Thank you so much!!


Well then,

See you tomorrow,

Good night (^^♪ ❤



2010-03-24 21:25:44


Good evening~

Day One of our concerts at Yokohama Arena finished without trouble~ ↑o(^^♪

I really was

soooo happy

that so many people came to see us~ ≧∇≦

For the very first song, as the new Team B, we sung

☆Shonichi☆ (❤∀❤)

Time passed in the blink of an eye but,

it was reaaaally fun~ ❤❤❤

I’m come to look to forward to performing with Team B (●′V`) ☆

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2010-03-24 11:55:26


Good morning ❤ v ☀

I woke up at 4am this morning but

I’m not sleepy at all~ ☀^^*

I’m spirited!!!!!!!


Today is finally the day we perform our concert at the Yokohama Arena (^^♪↑


I’m looking forward to it but,

I’m also extremely nervous (XoX) ゜д゜


I’ll seriously make sure I’m all good during the practice, then, ゜+.。while smiling 。.+゜ I’ll enjoy myself during the real thing!!!!!!!v

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2010-03-23 20:25:21


This is my 2nd post (❤∇❤) v

I looked over

everyone’s comments ❤

I’m so happy (≧∇≦)

Thanks so much ↑ ☆ミ

I haven’t been able to look at them all yet, though… (;_;)

I’ll properly read them all afterwards~ (^^♪ ♪ ↑

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