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in Hiroshima~ ♪ ♪ Miyazawa Household

in Hiroshima~ ♪ ♪ Miyazawa Household

2010-03-28 20:08:04

Hiroshima’s handshake event has finished~~~ ❤ (^^♪

Wow, i’m so~~~~~~~~~~~~ amazed!!!!!!! w(°O°)w

Compared to last time…..

So many people came to shake my hand as many as 3 times!! (´;∀;`) ❤

I was soooo happy ↑ ↑ (≧▼≦)v

Due to the circumstance of having a bullet train that we had to catch by a certain time, the handshakes we did with the last people ended up being more like something for a “high-five event” (T_T”)

We owe this place….

I’m so sorry to the people who came for a long-awaited handshake!!!!!! m(__)m””

However, the handshake event was still extremely fun~~~ ❤ (^^)/▽☆▽\(^^)

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smart☆★Miyazawa Household

smart☆★Miyazawa Household

2010-03-28 01:02:09

It’s late, but…… (><)

When I was returning home, I bought this month’s “smart” (❤v❤)

This month’s cover girl is Sasaki Nozomi!! (❤v❤)

Nn~~~~~~ ❤ ^ω^

So cu~~~~~~te ❤

There’s probably some people who already know this but, in this month’s “smart”,

Yukirin ❤ Tomochin ❤ Acchan ❤ Yūko ❤ and Sae,

the 5 of us from AKB48, are featured (❤v❤)v

“smart” is a fashion magazine that the Miyazawa household reads every month with pleasure, so I really am happy to appear in such a magazine ❤ (^^♪)v

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Haru Uta ♪ ♪ Miyazawa Household

Haru Uta ♪ ♪ Miyazawa Household

2010-03-27 22:47:38

We performed on “Haru Uta 2010” ^ヮ^

What’s more, the show began with AKB48 (❤ヮ❤)v

So happy~~~~~ U <*)

Today’s program’s concept was to air songs that fit the graduation season to a T, so AKB48 sung

“Sakura no Shiori,” which was released not too long ago,

and AKB48’s debut single, “Sakura no Hanabiratachi” ❤ ^ヮ^

This time’s “Sakura no Hanabiratachi” was a “Haru Uta 2010 Version”, so just the lyrics for the last chorus were different to the normal lyrics (*/ω\*)

I’m always nervous for live broadcasts, but with today’s lyrics being different to the actual lyrics, I was doubly nervous!! (x.X”)

I wasn’t too stiff in the face, I hope?!?!?! (・・;)

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The Miyazawa Household March 27

The Miyazawa Household

2010-03-27 12:26:07

Hello (=・ω・)/☀

Yesterday I went out for dinner with my family, then once I got home I decided to do the survey that Manami mentioned, so, I got it out, put in on my desk, wrote my name on it…..

And fell asleep… (〇>_<“) zZZ

Not writing anything but my name on the survey and stuff like that…I was surprised ^ω^”

Cos of that, I wasn’t able to watch the last episode of Majisuka Gakuen!!!!(´;M;`”)

I so~~~~ wanted to watch it too!!!! ゚。(p>∧

I recorded it though, so I’ll definitely watch it before the day is over!!!!


This really means that we’re farewelling Gakuran for now, huh? </3

I was so happy that, when I became Gakuran, a lot of different people approached me (x.X)♪ lolol

I wonder when we’ll be able to meet Gakuran next… (^^♪

With that, I got plenty of sleep yesterday(*´∀`*)v

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The Miyazawa Household March 26 2

The Miyazawa Household

2010-03-26 22:44:24

Good evening

Sorry for blogging past midnight last night (T_T”)

I’m really deeply moved by the many comments left by everyone ❤

Thank you so much ♪♪ o(^∇^o)(o^∇^)o

Today, first up was the filming of a TV show from morning until after lunch ☀

Playing “that ball game ❤” that Sae loves, the 4 Teams A, K, B and SKE had a showdown ↑ (^^♪

I got extremely into it, and it was extremely fun ☀

I’ll tell you the details for the TV program another day… ↑ (^^♪

Next, after the filming, we had an event at the theatre for Team PB ♪ (^ヮ^)

The competition between Team PB (Shuukan Playboy) and Team YJ (Shuukan Young Jump), to get our gravure on the covers of each magazine that we’ve respectively been appearing in since last year, will finally come to a conclusion next month at Theatre G-Rosso!!!! o–(>.<o-)=3

Today we held a last-minute “rally” event before the concluding event is held ↑ (o‘∀‘o)b

We looked back over what PB has done up til now, talked about what we’d do if we won the contest… (^ヮ^)

We also had a “Karaoke Tournament” to gain points to add to our total ♪ (^^♪

The 3 of us, Sae, Yukirin and Moeno, were given SPEED’s song “white love” to sing but (//△//)…..

Once we started singing, I got unreasonably nervous~~~ (´□`;) lol

About the singing…..

yeah!!!! ^ω^

No comment!!!! (^^♪ lolol

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The Miyazawa Household March 26 1

The Miyazawa Household

2010-03-26 02:12:27

All 3 performances of our concert in Yokohama Arena,

“AKB48 – Hope For A Full House Festival – The Pros and Cons-,”

have been performed without any problems ↑ ↑!!!! (≧∀≦)v ❤

Gaw~~~~~~~~~d all 3 concerts were sooo much fun!! (^^♪ ❤

Yesterday, as I got involved in “The Case of the Caramel” (^ω^) lol

I couldn’t properly share my thoughts with everyone

so, today, I’m gonna express all my thoughts in full ♪ (^ヮ-”)

Firstly, for each of the Yokohama concerts,

I was in a constant state of nervousness!! (x.X)

I was so nervous that I could still feel it even while performing on stage.

Today, during the “Singles Medley” in our third concert, I was finally able to slightly compose myself and those feelings (x.X)!! That’s how long I’ve been feeling these nerves from the very top of my head all the way down to the very tips of my toes (T_T”)

In particular!! During the song’s that I was singing for, in the times I’d be waiting for the next song that I’d perform for, while on standby..

During those times, there was no part of me that wasn’t throbbing with nerves!! (●´mn`)”

However, I was put under a magic spell by you all when I was on the stage ☆彡(゚❤ω❤゚)

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The Miyazawa Household

The Miyazawa Household

2010-03-25 12:17:00


Konnichiwa-wa ☀


Truly, thank you so much for all the kind comments concerning Sae’s mistake from yesterday!! (´;ω;`) ❤

I was so happy ❤ (●´mn`)“


Our second concert performance at Yokohama Arena will begin very soon (^ヮ^♪♪

Right now, all the members are doing stuff like fixing up their makeup (^^♪,

and stocking up on energy by eating their meals ↑ (^ヮ^)v

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