2009-02-01 21:40:54

☆It’s Over…☆

Hello! Project 2009 Winter

It was a HUGE success, and it finished without any incidents ニコニコ heart3 heart3 heart3 peace peace peace

It was during the time that Non was ➀➁ years old when Non became a part of Morning Musume ニコニコ stars2 stars2

It’s almost about that time when 10 years will have past… light light light

It feels like it went by so fast, yet so slowly…

I kept getting told off, as was usual in my everyday life… ase sweatdrop sweatdrop sweatdrop

But, I think its thanks to my elders scolding me about many different things back then, that I was able to stand on the stage today ニコニコ

The Elder Club’s Elder Sister team was able to graduate from Hello! Project with no problems at today’s concert.

From now on, each and every one of us will go down our own paths

Everyone, please keep on supporting us from now on

And please keep on supporting everyone who are still a part of Hello! Project heart3 stars2

To everyone who came yesterday and today to watch the concert, and for all your support, thankyou so much ニコニコ heart3 heart3 stars2 ニコニコ



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