smart☆★Miyazawa Household

smart☆★Miyazawa Household

2010-03-28 01:02:09

It’s late, but…… (><)

When I was returning home, I bought this month’s “smart” (❤v❤)

This month’s cover girl is Sasaki Nozomi!! (❤v❤)

Nn~~~~~~ ❤ ^ω^

So cu~~~~~~te ❤

There’s probably some people who already know this but, in this month’s “smart”,

Yukirin ❤ Tomochin ❤ Acchan ❤ Yūko ❤ and Sae,

the 5 of us from AKB48, are featured (❤v❤)v

“smart” is a fashion magazine that the Miyazawa household reads every month with pleasure, so I really am happy to appear in such a magazine ❤ (^^♪)v

What’s more!!!!

“smart” is plugging AKB48 in a total of 8 PAGES!!!! (°O°) ❤

Ohh I’m too happy ❤ (T_T)

Incidentally, the shot that Sae was most pleased with was this one!!!

Yūko and I are, chu~, kissing the heart ❤ shaped lollipop~~~ ♪ (^^♪

I like cos, like, it makes me smile!!!! \(^_^ )❤( ^_^)/

But, Sae’s dream really is this ❤…..

To be featured on this “Favourite Girl” page ❤ (*/ω\*”)

Every month, a female talent that’s really popular at the time, or someone like an actress, will answer 100 questions and do gravure for the page but,

if the name of “Miyazawa Sae” ever becomes mo~~~~re well-known to the world, I definitely want to feature on this page sometime!!!! o–(❤v❤o)

I’m no good at the moment!!!! (x.X”)

Unless I can become mo~~~re well known then there’s no way!!!! (o “X.x)–o

Frankly, I’m aiming for it ❤ so please everyone, look forward to the day that Sae features on the “Favourite Girl” page ☆彡(●´∀`●)/ lol

…….omg I just noticed the time!! (οдО;”)

Tomorrow…. wait, seeing as the day has already changed, today (lol), I have to get up really early so I want to go to bed without watching Majisuka Gakuen (x.X””)

I really hope that I can wake up on time today (x.X)…..

Everybody, oyasuminaSae ♪ (-_-) zZZ ❤


2 Responses to “smart☆★Miyazawa Household”

  1. 1 Kim March 29, 2010 at 10:40 am

    Omg. OyasuminaSAE. I love it.

    • 2 Ashi March 30, 2010 at 3:05 am

      It’s cute, yeah? =D
      Sayumi says “oyasuminasayu” as well
      I guess it’s a common thing girls whose names start with “sa” will do, just like “otsukareina” and “mottainacchu” lol

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