in Hiroshima~ ♪ ♪ Miyazawa Household

in Hiroshima~ ♪ ♪ Miyazawa Household

2010-03-28 20:08:04

Hiroshima’s handshake event has finished~~~ ❤ (^^♪

Wow, i’m so~~~~~~~~~~~~ amazed!!!!!!! w(°O°)w

Compared to last time…..

So many people came to shake my hand as many as 3 times!! (´;∀;`) ❤

I was soooo happy ↑ ↑ (≧▼≦)v

Due to the circumstance of having a bullet train that we had to catch by a certain time, the handshakes we did with the last people ended up being more like something for a “high-five event” (T_T”)

We owe this place….

I’m so sorry to the people who came for a long-awaited handshake!!!!!! m(__)m””

However, the handshake event was still extremely fun~~~ ❤ (^^)/▽☆▽\(^^)

I was so happy that there were so many people there who read Sae’s blog and Mobame!!!!! (^^♪ (T_T) ❤

Ah, that’s right! (^^♪

Today, during the event, something happened that left an impression on me ♪

Today, when the event began, Hiroshima’s skies were cloudy,

but, during the final chorus for the last song we sung, “Sakura no Shiori”, so while we were singing a calm song, right, the cloudy sky just all of a sudden cleared up, and the sunshine started to come through ☀ (❤v❤)

From the stage, Sae clearly saw the moment it happened!!

I wonder if anyone in the group of people who came to the Hiroshima event saw that complete moment?! (^^♪ ❤

Really, I was somehow a little moved by that, and just for an instant my jaw fell with a “woaah ❤” :P lol

Hiroshima was quite chilly, but the heavy rains didn’t affect the event, so it was good that it finished somewhat without trouble (´ψψ`)v

It’s been decided that, for the nation-wide tour we’ll do in summer, we’ll come and visit Hiroshima again!! d(^^♪)

Even though the teams and the members that will be going haven’t been decided yet…

Please look forward to the nation-wide tour, everybody ♪ (^^♪


We’ve left Hiroshima, and are now heading towards tomorrow’s meeting place, “Ōsaka” ↑

When we were returning, I ate the Hiroshima-only “jagariko” okonomiyaki ^ヮ^

The taste of the sauce really sticks out, and it filled me up ❤ (^ω^)

Yūko and I stuck out our tongues and cleaned off our plates =P

Right~~~~~!!!! (^^♪

I wonder what’s for dinner today~???

To everyone who came to the handshake event in Hiroshima ❤ (^^♪

Thank you sooooo much ↑ ↑ (^ε^*)-☆Chu


3 Responses to “in Hiroshima~ ♪ ♪ Miyazawa Household”

  1. 1 Kim March 29, 2010 at 10:43 am

    AH! So she IS wearing bowtie! *___;_* I hope more pics of her in that outfit show up eventually.


    Shooooot… I’d be ecstatic to hi-five Sae! o/\o :D

    • 2 Ashi March 30, 2010 at 3:03 am

      I know right? when I first saw her in that outfit on another blog I got so excited, and then for her to show us it properly…. ❤ Oh Sae, please do keep it up =D

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