The Miyazawa Household March 26 2

The Miyazawa Household

2010-03-26 22:44:24

Good evening

Sorry for blogging past midnight last night (T_T”)

I’m really deeply moved by the many comments left by everyone ❤

Thank you so much ♪♪ o(^∇^o)(o^∇^)o

Today, first up was the filming of a TV show from morning until after lunch ☀

Playing “that ball game ❤” that Sae loves, the 4 Teams A, K, B and SKE had a showdown ↑ (^^♪

I got extremely into it, and it was extremely fun ☀

I’ll tell you the details for the TV program another day… ↑ (^^♪

Next, after the filming, we had an event at the theatre for Team PB ♪ (^ヮ^)

The competition between Team PB (Shuukan Playboy) and Team YJ (Shuukan Young Jump), to get our gravure on the covers of each magazine that we’ve respectively been appearing in since last year, will finally come to a conclusion next month at Theatre G-Rosso!!!! o–(>.<o-)=3

Today we held a last-minute “rally” event before the concluding event is held ↑ (o‘∀‘o)b

We looked back over what PB has done up til now, talked about what we’d do if we won the contest… (^ヮ^)

We also had a “Karaoke Tournament” to gain points to add to our total ♪ (^^♪

The 3 of us, Sae, Yukirin and Moeno, were given SPEED’s song “white love” to sing but (//△//)…..

Once we started singing, I got unreasonably nervous~~~ (´□`;) lol

About the singing…..

yeah!!!! ^ω^

No comment!!!! (^^♪ lolol

At the karaoke tournament, the pair Myao and Rabutan sung a song of ℃-ute’s but,

they to~~~~~~~~tally made us lose it with laughter!!!!! (^^♪

I exploded!! with!! laughter!! (*`≧∇≦)

It’s the first time in ages that someone’s made me burst out laughing~~~ (〃▽〃) lol

That Myao, she really is a crack-up!! (°▽°) lol ☀

I felt a little jealous towards Myao ♪ ♪ (^皿^)

Looking back over this one day…

I just realised that, since this morning, it’s mostly been Myao that has made Sae cackle with laughter ❤ (*´∀`*) lol

Myao!! ^ω^

Thanks for making me laugh today ↑ ↑ (❤´∀`)v lol


Everyone in Team PB!!!!

Let’s definitely win this battle, and let’s definitely go on the covers of Young Jump and Playboy!!!!! o–(^ヮ^o-)

Overseas ☀…..take us to Jamaica~~~~~ ❤ ❤ ゚+。(*′∇`)。+゚ lolol

Thank you to everybody that came to Team PB’s rally event today ↑ (^^♪

Please continue to support Team PB til the end!!!! (´ψψ`)


5 Responses to “The Miyazawa Household March 26 2”

  1. 1 Kim March 29, 2010 at 10:37 am

    GO TEAM PB!!!

    LOL I wonder which C-ute song they sang. That would be fun to watch. Ookina Ai de Motenaishite comes to mind, cuz it has that silly chicken dance. XD

    • 2 Ashi March 30, 2010 at 3:07 am

      I was thinking exactly the same song =D Or maybe overdoing the “SHOCK SHOCK” and “Nnn” and “CHA!” parts in shock? =P

    • 3 Ashi March 30, 2010 at 3:43 am

      I just found a fan’s blog that talks about the event… and they sung Tokaikko Junjou (◎o◎)! How did they make that song funny I wonder, I think it’s one of C-ute’s best (<~<)

  2. 4 Kim April 2, 2010 at 1:25 pm

    Oooh interesting. o_o

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