The Miyazawa Household March 26 1

The Miyazawa Household

2010-03-26 02:12:27

All 3 performances of our concert in Yokohama Arena,

“AKB48 – Hope For A Full House Festival – The Pros and Cons-,”

have been performed without any problems ↑ ↑!!!! (≧∀≦)v ❤

Gaw~~~~~~~~~d all 3 concerts were sooo much fun!! (^^♪ ❤

Yesterday, as I got involved in “The Case of the Caramel” (^ω^) lol

I couldn’t properly share my thoughts with everyone

so, today, I’m gonna express all my thoughts in full ♪ (^ヮ-”)

Firstly, for each of the Yokohama concerts,

I was in a constant state of nervousness!! (x.X)

I was so nervous that I could still feel it even while performing on stage.

Today, during the “Singles Medley” in our third concert, I was finally able to slightly compose myself and those feelings (x.X)!! That’s how long I’ve been feeling these nerves from the very top of my head all the way down to the very tips of my toes (T_T”)

In particular!! During the song’s that I was singing for, in the times I’d be waiting for the next song that I’d perform for, while on standby..

During those times, there was no part of me that wasn’t throbbing with nerves!! (●´mn`)”

However, I was put under a magic spell by you all when I was on the stage ☆彡(゚❤ω❤゚)

Even while feeling nervous I got up onto the stage. The scenery and noise I could see and hear from there,

“the sea of multicoloured glow-sticks and the warm cheering,”

spanned and resounded across the whole arena…❤ (^^♪

That sea and that cheering was the magic spell…

You absorbed up my nervous feelings for me and replaced them with a whole lot of smiles (^^♪ ❤

Moreover, naturally, so I wouldn’t also be absorbed by that sea and that cheering, I gave a great and powerful performance!! (x.X) ❤

Don’t you reckon that’s just an amazingly wonderful spell!? (❤∀❤)

Something I realised at the Yokohama Arena concert,

is that everyone who came to see us are wizards! ❤

Thanks to the spell everyone put on me,

I was able to enjoy the concert much, much more ❤ (*´∇`)v


Thank you so much for coming to see us in concert!! (^^♪

And then,

Thank you, truly, for casting such a fantastic spell on me…❤ (´;ω;`)

Everyone who was in the center, everyone who was in the arena, everyone in the stands!!

I was able to see e~~~~~verybody ❤

And, e~~~~~verybody…..

you’re all good wizards~~~~~ ❤ ゚+。(*′∇`)。+゚

During our third performance, when we were doing the Singles Medley, there was a moment when I couldn’t move my leg!!

However, that just make me think, “This means that Sae is on my way to “burning with perfection” just like I declared I would” !! (*´∀`*)

I already have quite a few body parts experiencing muscle pain at the moment (^^)v

Typical of me, I get my burning up to around 80%, then I smile and turn into ashes! ^ヮ^

…but 80% is not the perfect score that I’m going for (^^♪” lol

Whether Sae actually reached that “perfection” that I claimed I’d reach, or whether that extra 20% is a lie, is something I want to leave up to the people who came to see us perform to decide~ ↑ ^ヮ^

Even if that “perfection” turns out to have been a lie, until the day where it becomes a reality, Sae will continue declaring it!!!! ゚。(p>∧

In the final stages of the concert, there were many announcements made

Even for all us members standing out there on the stage, we all got totally serious as we learned of it all

The conclusion dates of the old Teams A and B, and the starting dates for the new Teams A and B.

The next concert to be held at “Yoyogi Daiichi Taiikukan.”

A nation-wide tour to be held in summer.

A concert to be performed in Thailand.

The new single “PONYTAIL to Shushu” to be sold on 26th May

A 2nd Senbatsu election is to be held.

All members of AKB48 will be placed under a certain company

Waaaah there was a huge amount of surprises, huh!!

There’s heaps of stuff to enjoy and get excited about, so I’m happy!!

The last two days really did go by in the blink of an eye, but they became a very action-packed two days (o>ω

To be able to finish the concerts right to the end in such fantastic circumstances..

It’s all thanks to the huge amount of staff that support us!!!! (x.x)

I feel gratitude from the bottom of my heart... m(__)m

…woah I just realised I’ve been chattering on waaay too much…

Truly, thank you for reading this through right to the end!

Also, sorry that I was late to blog (T_T)

Today, I was able to finish this post without getting caught up in any more “incidents” (^ω^)b lol

Well then, I bet everyone’s already fast asleep but, parting words are needed ♪

Good night (^ε^)-☆Chu


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  1. 1 Kim March 28, 2010 at 8:37 am

    *_______* Thank you for translating!

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