2010-03-25 23:07:14

Good evening ❤

We’ve safely finished up

our two days at Yokohama Arena ↑ ↑ (^^♪

Today was particularly hard,

what with me jumbling things up in my head; it was a little difficult to handle but,

I was able to enjoy myself sooo much in that state during the performance

…in any case, it was funnnn~ ❤ lol

For the night performance,

we opened with a drama version

of Majisuka Gakuen but,

because it’s my first time performing a play in such a large place,

I think that was #1 for

the most nervous I’ve ever felt in my life (x.X) !!!!!!!!

I performed with the Sanshou Sisters

Everyone who came to watch,

what did you think!?!? (^ヮ^♪ ↑

I was so happy to be able to have a unit and act in that costume (^^♪

There’s so many more fun things that I could write about, so many that if I tried to write them all,

I’d neeeeeeeeeever finish!!((((゜∇゜*))))

It was really cool that we got to perform concerts at Yokohama Arena (^^♪

I’ve found peace of mind now that we were able to finish up with no problems ❤


Thank you very much

for the truly enjoyable last 2 days ↑ (^^♪ 。.+゜

Well then,

see ya later~ ❤


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