2010-03-25 23:04:02

The Yokohama Arena concert, is now over!!!!


It was a toooooooooootal blast

That sentence sums it up (*´ω`)

Well anyway, the place was huge…


This time, we were surprised to have an unexpected announcement made.

As you might expect from being given a surprise,

I GOT surprised Σ(゚∀゚ノ)ノ

But because we’re being given this new incentive, it means I now have a new goal to aim for.

Also!! Once again I was given a shock because,

it seems that there will be a 2nd Senbatsu Election that is going to take place!!!

Last year, during the performance on stage,

It was only me who couldn’t go up to where the announcements were being made

So, this time, I definitely want to be able to see what it’s like with my own eyes ☆

Changing the subject…

At today’s daytime performance,

I was granted my heart’s desire to sing “MARIA” with the original members,

Kasai Tomomi-chan, Umeda Ayaka-chan and I.

It truly made me happy that the 3 of us could do that ♪

Whenever I wear this black outfit for MARIA,

for some reason I find that it lets me relax, the way as my everyday clothes lol

Even though it’s this showy.

After all,

There’s some intense feelings attached to this MARIA outfit, that has long shared a place in history. (I spent far too long trying to work out what she’s trying to say here.. and it still doesn’t make ANY sense to me…I’m sorry!!)

It’d be nice if we had plenty more chances to sing it again ☆

Continuing on from Yokohama Arena, there’s the concert at Yoyogitaiikukan and the nation-wide tour..

there’s a lot of events lined up.

I’ll be happy if you accompany us

as we go through what will probably be even more changes!!!

Really, thank you so much ★



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