The Miyazawa Household

The Miyazawa Household

2010-03-23 23:29:21


Today has become the fantastic 。.+°

❤ anniversary ❤

of our Ameblog debut!! (//∀//)v ❤


Just now, while watching a TV special, I’ve been reading the posts made by the other members of this household, as well as the comments from everyone


I’ve already become glued to this blog~~❤(^w-)


For 2 days, starting tomorrow,

We’ll finally be doing our concerts at Yokohama Arena!!!! (^^♪)

I’m sooo looking forward to it… (❤∀❤) ❤


Today, I got given a massage,

and after this I’m going to go soak in the bathtub ♨…..


I’m hoping to be in the best, most perfect physical condition I can be in for the concerts that start tomorrow!!!! d(^^♪)


Tomorrow will also be our first time to all go to the Yokohama Arena assembly hall and go up onto that stage, so it’s a given that we’re going to be in super high spirits ↑ ↑ (^^♪ 。.+°


At the 2 days’ concerts, I’m gonna be

“Burning with Perfection!!” ●~*

I will!!!!!!(`∀´)b


You’ll be burnt to ashes by my smile~~~!!!!! d(#`ー´#)=3 Lolol


Joining forces with everyone, I want to have all the fun that my heart can take,

so, please look forward to it everyone ↑ ↑  \(^_^ )( ^_^)/


With that, ♪ ♪


I’m now gonna soak in the bath and while doing so, I’ll carefully read through the comments from everybody ❤ (❤∀❤)


‘K then,


OyasuminaSaeee☆彡 (^^♪ zZZ


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