The Miyazawa Household

The Miyazawa Household

2010-03-24 23:42:43


Uwaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! (T_T)

From the moment the concert finished, up until right now, I’d been writing all about my impressions from today in the fi~~~~nest detail

And all I had left was to tie it off at the end and then I thought it was complete but (´;m;`)……

While holding my phone, I reached into my bag to grab a caramel, I put it in my mouth, and whilst smiling happily I looked back at the screen on my phone and…

A~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~LL of what I had written had been erased… (ノд<。)゜

There was….

nothing theeeeeere!!! (T_T)

I really feel like I’m going to cry right now… (T_T)

I can’t recover from this… (T_T)

If I started writing about my thoughts on everything that happened today, it would turn into tomorrow before I finished ↓ (T_T) (T_T)

Is it OK if I write pleeeenty about my feelings tomorrow?? (´;Å;`)

It really, truly is vexing… (T_T)

That caramel was such an idiot! ↓ (T_T)

…, that’s not right!! (X.X)

Sae, you idiot! o(T_T)

After all, there really is stuff I must tell you about, so sorry about my temperament!!!! (X.X)

And so, I’m only gonna say this m(__)m


The Yokohama Arena concert!!!!!…..



To everyone who came to see us…..

For reaaaaaal…….

Thank youuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!

You’re all magicians

(I’ll tell you why tomorrow lol)


I still haven’t finished with what I have to tell you but, I need to have a bath, and prepare for tomorrow…

There’s a lot of things I need to do, so please excuse my rudeness ゚。(p>∧

As early as day 2 of having an Ameblog, having this side of me exposed already….

I have no excuses for it!!!!!

This is how I am but,

please give me your kind regards (x.x)


Well, I’m going to excuse myself here

My roommate Moeno is gonna console from here on…❤(´;ω;`)

Everyone, OyasuminaSae~~~

(sorry about the poorness of this translation, I know Sae deserves more, however I’ve been working on catching up on 1LDK’s posts all day and night basically and now… well I just realised its 6am >.< One more post after this and I’ll let myself sleep so I’m kind of rushing T.T sorry)


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