The Miyazawa Household

The Miyazawa Household

2010-03-24 15:52:25


Good day!! ☀ (^O^)/

I didn’t end up getting any sleep yesterday~~ ●~* (οÅО;) ゞ

Possibly, somewhere in my heart, I felt *~●nervousness●~*

about the concerts at Yokohama Arena happening today and tomorrow!!{{(°O°;)}}ゞ

…I could say that but it’s more appropriate to say I’m feeling *~●nervous●~* now…. (O O)ゞ

Cos, rigggghhht~~><…..

Yokohama Arena is just SO HUGE!!!!(;_;)

I’m feeling nervous, or maybe…..

EXCITEMENT is the correct term for what I’m feeling!!!!(◎□◎`;)


So, quite a lot of people’s,,,

stomaches are hurting ❤ (^^♪ lol


I believed that once we got onto the stage for rehearsal, my feelings might settle down a little bit but…ゞ

I haven’t been able to even get used to the vastness of it~~~!! (T_T)ゞ


However, I found a new way to “have fun(❤∀❤)” even with the vastness ♪(*> U <*)v

During the performance, the top priority is to have complete and total fun, yeah?…☀ (^w^)v

Or should I say…

It’s already too late! I’m already totally hyped up for this~~❤゚+。(*′∇`)。+ lol

Alriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!!!!!!\( ̄Д ̄ #)=3

I’m gonna put in sooooo much fighting spirit for the real performance too~~~!! o(^ヮ^)=3


A shot with my neighbour Kobayashi

As far as Kana is concerned, Sae is her boyfriend ❤ ヽ(▽⌒*)

Thaaankyou thaaankyou~~~❤ (❤∀❤)v


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