Room 803★Yuka’s Room

Room 803★Yuka’s Room

2010-03-25 00:07:58


I thought I’d post up some interesting stuff but….

It’s become impossible today so,

next time I get a chance I’ll post it.

This’ll have to do as a substitute for now but…

It’s a 3-shot photo of The Miyazawa Household’s Sae-chan,

“Is That Kobayashi?”‘s Kana,

and Yuka

Saepo and Yuka’s faces are split into half and between us is Kana.

Sae and Yuko

We are often told that we look similar to each other

but what do you think?

Sae is on the left and Yuka is on the right.



because tomorrow will begin early, I’m going to get to sleep straight away!!

I’m calmed down by the hotel’s warm light ♪


Tomorrow is Day 2 at the Yokohama Arena!! I’m gonna enjoy it~~~

Well then ★

Love ya all~

Night night ( ´∀`




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