Room 803★Yuka’s Room

Room 803★Yuka’s Room

2010-03-24 22:48:18


Just now, Day One at Yokohama Arena safely came to a close~♪

Within the huge number of people packed in there,

It was just my luck to be the first one to go out onto Yoko Ari’s stage for the very first song but,

I was overwhelmed with all the cheers from the audience but that just made me smile~(゜∀゜)

The glow-sticks were also all very pretty (´;Д;)☆

The new Team B was the first to perform but, it felt very, very fresh!!

Everybody was sparkling ( ´∀`)

We were singing the song “Shonichi” which the original Team B is famous for ★


In the song called “Wasshoi B,”

there are self-introductions about us but,

my part has become “Takoyaki~♪” lol

Even in songs the takoyaki has become an influence…


At once (ノ ̄з ̄)ノ

Because we have performances both in the afternoon and night tomorrow,

I’m gonna go to sleep soon!!!

Is what I want to say but…

I’m sharing my room in the hotel with Kobayashi Kana lol

And so i’m currently unable to sleep~


From now I’m gonna do something fun so (゜∀゜)

I’ll tell you

Just wait a little bit for me please ★




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