Room 803★Yuka’s Room

Room 803★Yuka’s Room

2010-03-24 07:01:27


Good morning (゜∀゜)

I’m now riding in the car ♪

The weather isn’t very nice today (´;Д;)


I think you’ve already realised it but…

with the title “Room 803★Yuka’s Room”..

Because Sae made her title into “The Miyazawa Household”, I made Room 803 of the household into Yuka’s place ♪

Why 803?

If there’s anyone who’s worked it out then you’re amazing.


The truth is,

I’m born in the 8th month (August), on the 3rd day so I decided on 803 ☆

I thought maybe that way it’ll be easier for everyone to remember.

It’s also Honey Day ♪


My friends used to say to me “You were born on the Day of Darkness, huh,” but like, more than being a shady person, Yuka wants to be shiny person lol


Now, I’m trying to guess whether it’s gonna be this impression or that feeling on the Yokohama Arena stage, but… It’s all still an unknown world to Yuka (ノ ̄з ̄)ノ

I wanna see the light made from the sea of glow sticks when the lights go down already ( ´∀`)★



I’m still worrying over what to do with my hair today (゚_゚

I could do something special with it but why, mightn’t be okay just straightening it???

I’ll discuss it with the makeup artist that I’m always asking stuff of (人´∀`)


What hairstyle do you like on Yuka??




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