2010-03-24 11:55:26


Good morning ❤ v ☀

I woke up at 4am this morning but

I’m not sleepy at all~ ☀^^*

I’m spirited!!!!!!!


Today is finally the day we perform our concert at the Yokohama Arena (^^♪↑


I’m looking forward to it but,

I’m also extremely nervous (XoX) ゜д゜


I’ll seriously make sure I’m all good during the practice, then, ゜+.。while smiling 。.+゜ I’ll enjoy myself during the real thing!!!!!!!v


In the morning

I read everyone’s comments~。.+゜❤


It was then,

that I saw lots of people said that the garagara (travel case) that I put a photo up of on here, isn’t actually a garagara at all, it’s a carry bag (+_+`)゛゛

I said garagara the whole time (+_+`)

This morning, Sae also told me the same thing゛(^ヮ^) lol

I’m embarrassed (->_<-) lol

Thank you for informing me ❤ lol


And also, when I checked up on Kana-chan’s posts,

she said that I was like a classmate and I mean

that’s nice and all but

she wrote that I was 15 when,

Kana-chan!! I’m 14, not 15~ (+_+`)゛゛

…I wonder if she’s feeling alright?∵*゛゛(+_+`) lol


When we got to the stage a while ago,

it was so vast that it gave me goosebumps!!!!


Okay, I’m off,

to another rehearsal (^^♪(^^♪


I’m waiting at the Yokohama Arena  ゜+.。v(^^♪

To the people who are coming to see us: Looks like it’s raining so be careful ❤


This was Oku Manami, who can’t help but to have fun posting on this blog~v(^^♪


Bye Byeee (>w-)


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