Is That Kobayashi?

Is That Kobayashi?

2010-03-25 16:59:55
(I’ve forgotten to say this before, but the title is most likely a play on words. Her name being Kobayashi Kana, her blog title usually being “Kobayashi kana?” Kana as in “is that..?” or “I wonder if its…?” as if Kana’s knocking on the front door and they’re wondering if it’s her..that’s my interpretation of it anyway. Onto the translations~)

Hello everyone

A little while ago, we completed our first concert of the day (。・_・。)ノ

Today, although it was already certain it’d be this way but, I was able to do it all without any mistakes (❤∀❤)。.+゜

I’m gonna do my best to keep it that way for the second round ☆☆☆


AKB48 is collaborating with HbG (❤∀❤)。.+゜(❤∀❤)。.+゜

Woo~w ❤

The collaboration merchandise is a T-shirt ☆☆

There are quite a lot of us who use their accessories and bags all the time, there’s probably enough of us that it’d be fine to say that almost all the members use HbG stuff,

so I’m really happy ❤

The T-shirts are totally adorable ☆☆

Everyone, please don’t fail to grab one so we can match

The photo’s of me and Shii-chan 。.+゜

Shii-chan told me that she’s liked Kana from even before she joined AKB48 ☆

I have a memory of her holding an uchiwa fan and cheering me on at a concert in Fukuoda (❤∀❤)

I think Kana’s good a good memory (❤∀❤)

She even hugged me when we were getting photos taken (。・_・。)ノ

I’m so happy (^ヮ^)v 。.+゜

Today’s 575 is (haiku):

Even on a known path

Never be inattentive;

The path will be lost

I made this up cos,

I got lost backstage during last night’s concert (゚_゚

The main area is huge, so of course it makes sense that backstage is also huge, and cos of that, I had absolutely no idea which way would be the right way to go (´-ω-`‶)

I must’ve gone up and down the same path time after time but I just had no idea (x.X)

I’ll do my best this time so that I’ll never be lost sight of and I’ll never become lost ☆☆

Everyone coming to see us, please look forward to it (。・_・。)ノ



I’ve been reading all the comments but, quite a few people have written that I’m like a second Meetan but,

Kana has absolutely no elements of sexiness ☃☃

❤ ゜+.。Kana。.+゜❤


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