The Electrician

The Electrician

2010/3/24 18:26


Today we were filming with a whooooooooooooole lotta balloons ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪


They were so pretty (o^∀^o)


Years ago, whenever we went to the electricians,

I’d get given a balloon!


I’d be so happy cos of that, so whenever my dad had to go to the electricians, he’d bring me along (^O^)


Probably, only smalls kids get a balloon from the electrician as a free service but,


As a 1st year in junior middle school, I went along to the electricians with the aim of getting a balloon, all excited, but when we went,

I remember getting really upset because I didn’t get a balloon (;_;)


From then on, I wouldn’t be able to get a balloon so I stopped going along to the electricians.


So that day marks the time,

when my Dad started to go to the electricians by himself (^_^;)


It’s the moment when a child becomes independent of their parents lol


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