2010-03-23 20:25:21


This is my 2nd post (❤∇❤) v

I looked over

everyone’s comments ❤

I’m so happy (≧∇≦)

Thanks so much ↑ ☆ミ

I haven’t been able to look at them all yet, though… (;_;)

I’ll properly read them all afterwards~ (^^♪ ♪ ↑


Today, I went off to HbG,

the store I love so much

I got a cute travel bag ✌(^v-) ↑ (she names it garagara=*rattle rattle* aww)

From now on, whenever I stay over somewhere or whenever,

I reckon I’m gonna use it (゜∀゜*)

It’s just the right size

And it’s now my favourite ❤

HbG is full of nothing but cute stuff so everyone please take a look next time (^^♪ ♪


By the waaay

once I went out, it started raining (;_;) (((´д`*))))

It’ll be good if it stops for tomorrow~ ☆ミ


The photo is of garagara,

and I took the photo with me in it as well but,

it turned out, like, weird, so I’ve made it so it’s just garagara (^v-) Lol


See ya later ❤


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