Dance Studio Umeda

Dance Studio Umeda

2010-03-23 22:51:52


Good evening.

I’m Umeda Ayaka!


I want to use emoticons but, cos my phones an au, I can’t use them p(´⌒`q)…




Work finished so I’ve come back home!

I can calm down in my roooom´`


I was trembling, thrilled, with over-excitement at being the first to post, and so I forgot my self-introduction…(・o・)ノ




I was born on the 3rd of January, 1989.

I’m 21!

Incidentally, I’m the same age as the musicians, Katou Miriya and Shimizu Shouta, that I love!!

Amazing! (」゜□゜)」


So now, Kana-chan, who is living in the next room.

She said I’m like a friend from the neighborhood…´`lol


Tomorrow we’re doing a live at Yokohama Arena!

Recently, I went to see BIG BANG at the Yokohama Arena (ρ°∩°)

It’s so vast.

Once, in the moment I entered the arena, I stopped still.


Now I’m going to have a bath, then it’s off to beddy-byes.

Thank you for your comments everybody!

Now, while taking a slow bath, I’m going to start looking at them (^∀^)!!!




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