Akimoto’s Room

Akimoto’s Room

2010-03-23 20:11:24


From today, with the 6 person combination, we’ve debuted on Ameblog (^^♪ ☆ミ

Because I had a job I was late to post (;_;゛

Sorry (;_;)

After all, I am very glad that we’ve earned the chance to let everyone, so many of you, to know about our everyday life ★ ★ ★

This is the Ameblog that we’ve been waiting and waiting for (^^♪ ❤

I’ll do my best to update it!!

6 people, 6 varieties lol

…with that said please have fun (^w-)

Starting from today

Please give me your kind regards (^^♪

Incidentally, should I give a self-introduction? ☆ミ


Akimoto Sayaka (21)

I’m a Leo, with the blood type B, born on the 26th July.

I have the privilege of being an active member of AKB48.

I’m in Team K.

My hobbies are taking baths, reading magazines, and reading.

I also like taking walks.

I’m extremely happy on days when the good weather lets the warmth soak into your skin!!

My special skill is… imitation ☆ミ



From now on I’m gonna do my best with “6 people living together” ☆ミ

Please cheer me on (❤∇❤)


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