Ōsaka Oishii Nen!

I love love love 10 My Me! I just finished listening to 大阪 美味しいねん “Ōsaka Oishii Nen” for the thousandth time on repeat (or so it seems haha) and although it’s not my favourite song from the album, I still adore it. OK, at first I was with the rest of 2chan and was like WTFAREYOUDOINGTSUNKU.. but I guess we gotta give him a break and let him write whatever songs he wants to write. Typical of Tsunku to give his hometown, and it’s food, I song of it’s own ;D


Ōsaka and the people I know there are my second home and my second family, and of course the food is something I learned to take a liking to, even if I’m usually not a seafood person. So this song’s theme, not forgetting the amazing style of the song and Linlin’s amazing vocals, just totally caught me off guard, and once I got used to it, I started really liking it. It’s been stuck in my head for quite a while now. Even though it’s a fun song with little meaning, it’s also made me kinda nostalgic… ah, shinsaibashi… ah, takoyaki….


Junjun did her spoken lines so amazingly well, so much so that not only does she sound Japanese, she sounds like a true Ōsaka-jin. Na~, nee-chan, cha~ nomehen? Oh Junjun, sounds like you’re playing the flirty bad-boy? I adore you even more now. I don’t like tea, but ask me like that and I’ll have some with you anytime XD Oh yeah, she sings well, of course. But that’s just Junjun, so it was a given that she would do so anyway.


Linlin is obviously the bringer-of-the-genki for this song. Every time she sings I’m just amazed by her energy and vocals, but her accent REALLY sticks out. Almost in a grating sort of way. She makes up for it though, ‘cos shes giving 110% into sounding awesome and matching the style of the music, so I guess she was so focused on the vocal power she forgot about pronouncing things right? She still does amazing, in any case.


Aika, Aika, Aika. Why do people hate on her so much? Anyway, her vocals were really nice to hear for a change, seeing as most of the time she gets the group-lines only or one-line only treatment like the other non Ai/Gaki/Eri/Reina members. Although I say it’s really nice to hear her, I can also see why she’s not a main vocalist. She’s good. But not too good, yet. Her solo spoken lines were well done for someone who isn’t from Ōsaka (I think?). Like, I love the way she rolls some of the sounds, if that makes sense.

…HOWEVER, and this what brought me to make a post on this song in the first place (god I ramble on sometimes all the time), it’s Aika’s spoken lines that finally caught my attention. Finally as in, I don’t listen to what’s being said when I’m listening to songs while doing stuff. I was reading while having this song on repeat in the background XD Is that weird? Reading in total silence bothers me sometimes; I like background music =D


Rambling again. Anyway, so, finally, I listened to this song again while I wasn’t doing anything, just enjoying it and paying more attention to what was being said, when suddenly I was at the part just past the first chorus and I was like waitwaitwait hold the track. WHAT did Aika just say?!


I’m pretty sure she said “坊さんがへをこいた” “Bou-san ga he o koita” which is a game I remember the kids on our street got me to play once. You know that game where one kid faces away from the others who are in a straight line quite a distance apart? The one kid counts up to a number to himself while the other kids try to sneak as close as possible each time. When the kid turns around, he gets to pick out the ones who didn’t freeze in time and they repeat this until only one person’s left. You know that game right? Yeah, that one, just slightly different, but I’ve rambled enough so I won’t go on =P.


I wondered why they kept giggling when they asked me if I knew what it meant and I didn’t know. Then they kept getting me to say it during the game XD The little rascals explained it to me afterward… like what? “The monk let out gas” is basically what it means XD It’s funny for a kids game, and maybe it’s an Ōsaka-only version of the game, but why the HECK put it in a song?! Don’t even ask me about what Aika’s next line after the Yeah Yeah Yeah is meant to mean.. sounds like something a drunk construction worker would say but I have no idea. It sounds like she said “ketsu”, which I know can mean ass, so if I heard her right then WTF?!

I’ve come to love the song but I think Tsunku might have slightly gone the wrong way around promoting his home-town. Non-Ōsaka-jin can go as far as feeling threatened by a dialect they don’t understand. I wonder, if I asked my old host-dad, would he know the meaning of whatever Aika’s second line is? He is a true Ōsaka guy and he has tried teaching me some “real” Ōsaka-ben before… that made my host mum slap him ’round the head and tell him to shut up (playfully, I think XD but still!) So he’d probably know right away. But I’m scared to, actually. I’d be so embarrassed if it was something crude. Cos it sounds crude. Why is Tsunku making idols say stuff like that anyway?


Oh gawd, it turned into a meaningless ramble post again. Oh well… let’s just say I love the song, love Junjun’s flirting and Linlin’s powerful voice and the way Aika does her spoken parts… the meaning of the words is a different story =P


OH GOD MY EYES (thanks to whoever originally gif'd this XD)

Tsunku you crazy bitch.

Stop nomnoming on the crazy stuff.

Wait. You didn’t steal Koha’s stash before she left, did you?

…Well whatever, just stop making your idol’s say crazy shit.

Crazy shit = less buyers than usual = less money = you lose.


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