Extreme Wota-ing AKB48 Style

I have done something extremely wota-ish. I wanted to learn the names and faces of AKB48/SKE48. Well, that’s not too bad, although it IS daunting, right? When you want to take that step past having your one or two favourites that you know everything about, instead wanting to have a general knowledge of more of them instead of just going “ah… there goes one of the Tomomi’s.. I think” or “That… whatever her name is.. is being such a boring cow in this PV” or whatever.

Well. I came up with something so stupid. So crazy. So wota….




I made AKB48 and SKE48 flashcards!!!

Ew. Yes, I know it is strange. But I did it. Took me forever too. But I think it’ll work eventually. For me at least….

I mean, if Mnemosyne can help me memorise Japanese kanji, then it can help me learn this too, when I got free time XD When do I not have free time at the moment, it seems :/

If you want to join the wota side and try it, I exported it onto the mnemosyne site. Now this is my first time exporting cards so I am worried that something won’t work the first time, but that’s all part of learning how to use it I guess. So if you do download it here and find any problems please tell me here or via the email address given in the readme file. My biggest worry is the profile picture files not working properly and leaving blank spaces on the question cards, rendering them basically useless. Please, please tell me if this happens to you.

As a kind of hint I’ve put all names in kanji underneath the members’ photos in the question box. So if you have even just a little bit of kanji knowledge it could help trigger your memory, plus allowing you to memorise what their names look like which could be helpful if skimming through Japanese sites.

In the answers box I have the name in kanji again, underneath that is their nickname according to the offical website (in kana/kanji), and then under that is the romaji name. I’ve put it the traditional Japanese way of Last Name – First Name so if that annoys you I’m sorry :/

Lastly I’ve put what Team they belong to (currently up to date with recent member changes.) Should be pretty straightforward. Team A, K, B and 研究生 (kenkyuusei) is AKB48. Team S, KII and SKE48 研究生 is SKE48. The only two that may be confusing are the kenkyuusei of each group, but it’s pretty simple to remember. 研究生 is AKB48. SKE48 研究生 is, of course, SKE48.

There’s more to add, I’m sure of it, but I can’t think of what right now.

Oh.. if you don’t have Japanese text enabled on your computer it may come up as question marks or random symbols I guess? Make sure to change that in the control panel =)


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