The Oolong Tea Incident

The Oolong Tea Incident

2010/3/15 13:18


This is a two-shot with Kamei Eri-chan ^ー^)人(^ー^


Sorry that the photo’s been taken from a weird angle… lol ♪


Eri spilled oolong tea onto her normal clothes at the non-no launch..


“Oh nooo,” she said, looking straight at Sayumi as if pleading for help with her eyes,

so Sayumi wiped it off for her.


To top it off, there were no napkins (she accidentally typed nafkin lol cute), so I did it with my bare hands!


Her clothes already got dirty,

so no dirtier did she wanna get; she didn’t want to get herself dirty as well lol


Well its good that it wasn’t the day’s outfit as she’d changed back into her normal clothes ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


Still, in Eri’s cup, just before she spilled the tea, there was only about 1cm of oolong tea left.

Umm, only 1 cm left… an amount not even enough for a proper mouthful;

it’s not like her cup got knocked over or anything and yet,

for her to spill it on her clothes…


She’s strangely skilled (o‘∀‘o)(‘∀’●) huuh ♪


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