(Blog: Sayumi) Fashion Show

Fashion Show

2010/3/14 14:52



Morning Musume had the privilege to participate in non-no×BS-TBS’s 10th anniversary commemoration event, “non-no Spring Collection “White Day Special,” as surprise guests♪♪


It’s my first time ever to be a part of, like, a genuine fashion show, so I was shaking so much from nervousness (>_<)

I’m not sure I was able to smile or laugh well! lol

I can’t really remember anything before that! lol


Yesterday, once we’d finished rehearsals for the spring tour,

we started rehearsals for the fashion show, being taught the art of walking and posing to the finest details, and then we practiced it!!


Ever since the rehearsal I’ve been nervous,

and I feel asleep yesterday while simulating how it would go in my head.

And then it was the real performance…

The practice yesterday held noooooooooo meaning to me apparently (ノ△T)

Being overly nervous, bouncing around, covering (and accidently hitting?) my mouth in embarrassment, being so happy that I went “yaaay” during the time when I was meant to try and do a stylish pose (^_^)v


Well, theres one more show right after this, so I’m gonna do my best to show the results of what I learnt during practice this time,

and I’m gonna have fun and fully enjoy the feeling of being a model o(^-^)o


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