(Posts: Sayumi) My Bestest Best Friend

My Bestest Best Friend

2010/3/12 22:22


Truth is, today,

my bestest of best friends from the time I was in grade 1 of middle school, from my hometown Yaguchi, is here in Tokyo to visit so,
since after rehearsal, we met up even though there’s little time!


So happy o(^-^)o


I’m grinning so much ☆


It’s been a while since I’ve smiled this much (≧∇≦)


A little while ago, my chest felt so tight from all the feelings I had,

but now I’m laughing so much my stomach is feeling tight lol (^_^)v


My mood’s been pepped up heaps ↑


I’m so glad that even though we were only together for that one year in middle school first grade,

we’re still able to get along and have awesome fun together even now (*^o^*)


Sayumi was shy and timid up til the end of elementary school, but when I met this best friend of mine that all changed!


I became cheerful! I became able to talk freely!


If she wasn’t around then I might not have even joined Morning Musume!

She’s has that much importance to me (^o^)/


And right,

the smiley emoticon that we both got really into using while in middle school was:





We named that emoticon Tomochi-kun ♪


He eats pencils.


It’s hard to understand the thinking patterns of our young, middle school grade one selves now, huh (^_^;)



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