Kanon, Happy Birthday!

It’s Fukuda-san’s 15th birthday today. I hope heaps of people upload their photos for S/mileage today so we can fulfill hers (and the groups) wishes to have their major debut! They MORE than deserve it!

Naww she's grown up so much in the last few years

Have you entered your egao photo already?

I saw a lot of people comment on Sayumi’s blog from when she put up a post promoting the Egao Campaign this morning (midnight right on the dot, did she do that on purpose?) A lot of them said they were gonna do it right away which makes me super happy, but what saddened me was the amount of people that said they had absolutely no idea about the campaign before she mentioned it. If the campaign staff can’t advertise it well, then it’s no wonder the girls are so low on submissions! Please, if you haven’t put in a photo yet, please go to http://form.s-mileage.jp/ . Even if you don’t like S/mileage all that much, can you imagine how horrible the poor girls will feel if all their dreams are smashed because of some horrible project that Tsunku set for them. They DESERVE this chance to go big with all the effort they’ve put into this. Please show Tsunku and the girls that we care!

The whole group is lush, but if I had to choose a favourite member, it’d def be Kanon (^.^) Happy 15th~


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