(Blog: Sayumi) I’ll Do My Best

I’ll Do My Best

2010/3/12 21:17


When we were working on our mistakes today, Sayumi…


Sayumi started crryyying…


Everyone here was so nice and prayed for me but,

because I’m not good enough,

it ended up badly…


I’m sorry (;_;)


All because of Sayumi, they even stopped the music and augh I’m the worst ↓


Other members, teachers, staff, I’m so sorry ↓


Sayumi likes to sing. But I admit I’m bad at it. It can’t be helped if I’m told I’m not putting in enough effort but, today, not being able to sing well at all got me all angry and annoyed with myself, making me really upset and it was just really mortifying.

I’m jealous of the other members who can sing well…

Of course, the ability of the other members comes from, of course, exerting themselves day in and day out til they can sing well and yet, I kept getting the feeling that I myself am hopeless at and should not sing and, all at once, I lost all confidence and could not even get my voice out.

Crying solved nothing, and it just caused trouble for the others…

I’m embarrassed with myself…


But I will improve!


It’s decided!


I will do my best ☆☆


I don’t need to cry and all!


I can’t change the fact that I am bad at singing at the moment, and I also can’t turn back time, and so that means that I can’t do anything about what happened today…


From tomorrow..

No, from now on!


I’m gonna keep on trying at it, positively.


Just cos I’ve written this here doesn’t mean I’m trying to get you all to comfort me or anything!

I wrote here because I wanted to share my feelings of deciding to do my very best from now on.


1 Response to “(Blog: Sayumi) I’ll Do My Best”

  1. 1 sheila December 3, 2011 at 1:36 pm

    ur so beautiful.. :)

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