(Blog: Sayumi) Company Establishment

Company Establishment

2010/3/13 00:01


I said bye bye to my best friend.


It was only for a short time,

but I really, truthfully, absolutely had the funnest time!


Even though lately, rehearsals have been really making me test my limits lol


I feel that by meeting my best friend from middle school times,

and laughing so much together,

its like I’ve been released of all that bad stuff from before!!!


Thank you. My best friend!


In the first year of middle school, we made up a company together.

The company name was:

“The Gekimo Corporation.”


My best friend was the Company President and I was the Executive Vice-President.


We wanted to gather up some employees as well,

but after we made up the company,

Sayumi soon became a Morning Musume and so the company stayed as it was,

without any more employees being added.


Even to this day the company has been just the two of ours,

and even though there’s no activity at all,

the fact that my best friend also still remembers The Gekimo Corporation,

means that I could confirm that the company is still alive and well and that makes me happy.


This is the Executive Vice-President, Michishige Sayumi, who is going to do her very best (≧∇≦)


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