I’ll Continue Tomorrow~

Just a little update and apology from me ♪,

seeing as I’ve only blogged one translation today m(_ _)m

Oh god.. have you noticed?
Even my writing has started to take on a slightly Sayu-ish tone (^_^;) lol

I’ve had only about an hour today to sit down and even consider translating, and if I start the ones I missed now, I’ll surely end up staying up until 4/5am again. I know its selfish of me, but I would like to try to sleep before 1am for the first time this week.

I’m NOT stopping the translating of Sayumi’s blog. I’ll try harder this time than I did with Tsuji’s blog~

But, I won’t be doing the ones I missed today. I’ll start afresh tomorrow. I’m really sorry~~ (/_;)

So, for any that I miss, and for more polished translations, please go to and continue to support Hyakupa Subs! (^^♪

Sferris does amazing translations and seems to be able to keep up with Sayu’s pace a lot more than I can.

I hope that someday I can more efficient and more accurate just like them. I really do, because it’s my dream to translate professionally. I’m still so slow and I seem to be learning more new kanji and words than the ones I’m able to instantly translate, but I’m gonna keep doing my best (^-^)/

So anyway, unless Sayumi posts within the next hour or so, this is all for tonight.

I’ll try harder,

So be sure to check in tomorrow, k? (^_^)v


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