09. With My Big Sister♪☆

With My Big Sister♪☆


Because my work for today starts at night, ♪♪♪
I went and had dinner with my big sis ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛

Sayumi’s wanted to eat Onabe since yesterday(o^∀^o)
Whats more, it’s been raining in Tokyo which has made it cold, so I’ve been craving Onabe even more…
Without even asking what my big sis wanted, we went into a place that serves Onabe (^∀^)ノ
I think its cool that with sisters it’s like you don’t have to worry or care too much and yet it’s ok (*^o^*)
Ah and, Sayumi’s big sister is a pretty eccentric person!!!!

Its pretty funny lol
We chose a spicy onabe♪

We got carried away when we went to make it stronger and it turned out being too spicy, so in the end we got it watered it down for us (=゜-゜)(=。_。)
After that, the two of us went to karaoke ♪
Sayumi is pretty bad at singing myself, but my big sis is even worse at it then I am (┳◇┳)
When I go with my big sis we basically don’t sing anything except anime songs.
We sang songs from stuff like Sailor Moon, Pretty Cure, Magical DoReMi, Ponyo, Ariel (I’m not sure whether she means The Little Mermaid or ARIEL, an anime), with all our energy ♪♪♪
With the exception of anime songs, it seems like my big sis can’t sing any part of a song except for the main chorus, so Sayumi sings the verses and stuff and then my big sis takes over when, with the lead up to the chorus, the music really starts picking up…
I pretty much get all the good bits taken away from me lol
Well anyways, my big sis is heaps fun♪
I love heeeeeeeeeeeer (≧∇≦)♪♪♪♪♪
Sorry for only uploading photos of me without makeup on m(_ _)m
You don’t hate it, do ya? lol
Ok now, off to work♪☆

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