06. Happy Morning♪

Happy Morning♪


Good Mo~rning!!!!


Everyone, all of you,

thank you for coming to read Sayumi’s blog.


I’m also to~tally happy with having heaps of comments (^O^)


I’ve had few chances up until now to be able to get to know everyone’s opinions and feelings in real-time like this, so I’m totally pleased now (≧∇≦)♪

Sayumi is especially the type that gets caught up and worried over other people’s opinions so…


In the time around Autumn of last year Sayumi bought a new laptop!!


It’s a nice and adorable pink one!


Pretty sweet, riiight?♪☆


Last night, with that laptop, I read soooo many of the comments that everyone wrote o(^-^)o

It was heaps fun!(^_^)v


I was like “should I post a comment back as well…?”, but my goal this year is to focus on practicing “calmly thinking things through before taking action”….so if anything bad was to happen, then my manager would get angry and I have a feeling that he’d probably take some sort of action.. so I gave up on that idea (>_<)


Like, I don’t wanna get told off (∋_∈)


I’m still far off from reaching my goal, but I kinda feel like I’ve kept the promise I made to myself, and so I basked in the glory of my own superiority, by myself \(^ー^)/


Thanks to that I had a really great sleep♪


Ever since I started my blog everyday has been fu…n….

…uh… even though it’s only been one day (・_・;)


But having a blog really is fun♪


More than ever before, the time I have to get to know my fiancee, my computer, has increased♪

Sayumi’s got a sudden urge to go through an arranged marriage with my compute~r O(≧∇≦)o (err, she’s making a kind of weird joke here…I hope >.<)




Been majorly upbeat since this morning, I have. lol >>>>


I’m totally happy (*^o^*)


I hope today turns out to be an awesomely happy day for you all as well…(*^o^*)♪♪♪♪

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