05. I’m So~rry.

I’m So~rry.


A while ago, I uploaded photos of the cover jackets for “Onna Ga Medatte Naze Ikenai” for you, but I’m pretty bad at this and seems like you can’t see a part of it (>_<)


When Sayumi checked it on my phone and computer, I also couldn’t see it (*_*) I’m really sorry m(_ _)m

I guess you won’t get to see your long-awaited cute Sayumi-chan after all lol

But I’ll probably be able to fix it for you tomorrow♪

So come and have a peek tomorrow as well ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛♪


It’s not a replacement but… I’ve uploaded a photo of me in the new single’s outfit☆

Once again, its a photo I’ve taken of myself, but still…


Tomorrow, I will fix the jacket cover photos up for you, but I’m also happy that I got to upload a photo of Sayumi that I hadn’t planned to upload lol


You all feel like you’ve gained something from this too, yeah? lol


Sorry for looking down on you…


But with this photo the camera is looking down on me so I think it makes (my upturned eyes) look so bi~g, so lets say we’re even… o(`▽´)o


This is from the Hello! Project Concert that was held at New Years (^O^)


“Sayumi…your hair….

You’ve cut it right?”

It’s a straight cut fringe.

It’s pretty new.


I’m pretty worried at the moment with the various good/bad opinions I’ve been given… (;_;)


What does everyone think?

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