Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai (non-)Review~

First of all, yay me for finally getting my internet back again! I hope this doesn’t become a habit of one month on, six months off; I don’t know how I’d live (X.X) Well, I do, but you get what I mean!

Anyway, onto the new PV. Why is it wrong for girls to stand out? Good question, MM. And of course, all us ladies know it ain’t bad at all (^.^)

(Before I start, all captions that are mean to Sayu are just me having a laugh. I think. I do like her!)

When I first watched this PV, I went straight to my twitter and babbled on about loving it. Then, I watched it again. And again. AND again. Then I realised, I didn’t love it so much. Now, after listening to it over and over, and screencapping it, I’m starting to adore it again. Yay for reviews! Although mine is going to turn out to be opinionated, and very amateurish. All over the shop. What do you call a non-reviewish review? Get back to me on that one.

Go here to watch the PV

The PV starts off with the dance shot; the now 8-nin group (I miss you already Koharu~~~) spin around to show us their dresses of doom. Okay, they’re not THAT BAD, the colours work well and they suit the catwalk scenes quite well. But, as many people have said, the first thing I think of is CAKE! I’m not sure which boots I like better with the dresses, because they both suit them. The dance shot ones are hot red, knee-length things of awesomeness:

Super Ultra Sexy Red Boots GO!

And the catwalk/hallway shots have these adorable white ankle boots:

A lil bit o' Reina leg!

/ Straight after saving my draft at this point, my computer decided to be a double-nonce and momentarily die on me, twice. So, all my Dohhhup! screencaps I had dumped into one unsaved paint file, ready for saving in photoshop, are now gone! I’ll try and redo a few of them, but I’ve lost a little enthusiasm thanks to that (T.T) /

The PV has five different shots. There’s the dance shot, the hallway scenes, makeup room scenes, catwalk shots and the close-ups. There’s not much of a story to it, but the variety is a nice touch.

Sayumi, self-conscious of being "#1 kawaii", views all other members, Aika included, as potential usurpers to her title.

Not that it’s the first time its happened, but I’ve noticed that they focus a bit more on pairing the girls, or at least doing more shots with two at a time. During the beginning, there’s Sayumi and Aika, Risa and Linlin, Eri and Junjun. The only two that don’t get a shot together in the beginning are Ai and Reina, but that probably comes down to them being the closest two the camera and (surprise, surprise) the first two with solo parts. This changes a bit during the last catwalk shots, with Ai and Linlin, Eri and Reina, Risa and Junjun changing. Sayumi and Aika stay together. I don’t know why I care so much, maybe because all the pairing just highlights the fact that Koharu is no longer there.

Gaki-san is all too aware of her super-powered smexiness. Linlin looks on in awe.

The main vocalists are Ai, Reina, Eri and then Risa.  Which, really, is nothing new. I enjoy the song. That’s all I can say at the moment. There was nothing that stood out or made me scream “that was well epic!!”, but it had a nice melody to it. (I’m sorry Koharu but,) there were no vocals that grated on me or brought down the quality of the rest of the song, unlike a few of their recent singles. As usual, Eri and Ai’s solo parts made me melt into goo. What can I say, I’m a fan-girl at heart!

I think you're well awesome and all Eririn, but could you open your eyes any wider?

Its horrible of me, but I feel that the whole PV holds a strong resemblance to Resonant Blue when it comes to the distance and blockage problems which some girls face during the dance shot and when they walk through the hall. The similarities come all the way down to line distribution, although this one is much fairer. I was more thinking that in the case of Sayumi, as she has again been handed the “insert Ah! here” role. The Panda’s and Aika once again seem to only have the group lines to sing, which is sad.

5-nin? More graduations? Oh wait no, Aika's head, Junjun's shoulder and the mass of white and red that is Linlin's dress make an appearance. Altogether does that make 6-nin?

As per usual, Takitty owns every single line she has been given. I beg to differ against anyone who says she is boring. The way she smiles as she says “Make-up is so much fun” and then the way she looks away from the camera as Reina starts her line… wow. She just has so much power in her voice, and an absolutely amazing smile, all for such a trivial lyric as that? She should be the face of some makeup company like Shiseido, and sing that line. She’d have all the fangirls (and boys too, no doubt!) scrambling to discover how much fun make-up is, thanks to her influence (^.^)


The beautiful colours in this PV just make me smile. I love the shots with eyeshadow, the colours just look so pretty! The shots where the girls are getting made up appeal to me visually. I especially like it that Reina has to sit still! Her prettiness shines through here. When she is walking through the halls and (especially) walking the catwalk, she plays up to the camera so much it becomes irritating and reverses the effect she’s going for.

Yes, Reina, for the last time, you look perfect as always.

The MVP of this PV for me is Gaki-san, no doubt about it. Her voice, her charm, her acting, have just improved so much in the last year or so, and she’s been given the chance to show it all off here. And my god, does she shine. Forgive me as this post shies away from whatever scrap of reviewness it held, and goes into I-can’t-believe-I’ve-only-just-realised-how-truly-epic-you-are mode.


I don’t think she realises that the less “OMG adorable much?!” faces she pulls, the less obliged I feel to screen-cap each and every one of them in the hopes of drawing in new Gaki-fans ( ^~^ ) But why would I stop anyway?


Of course, I can’t forgot Eririn either, who has also caught my attention so much in the last year or so, that she quickly became my 2nd or 3rd favourite member depending on my mood (^.~) She wins MVP for the audio side of things, I’ve had this song on repeat and I have to smile every time one of her solo lines come up. Her voice is amazing!

So different from the young Eri who joined MM

Aika once again doesn’t really get any lines, but, once again, she proves that she can shine with pure cuteness. How old is she meant to be?! 17? Cause she looks like a freaking 10 year old (X.X)

Run out of pedo-bait? Aika's got it covered.

Now where have I seen this *choki-choki* (or snip-snip) move before? Hmm.. not in a various few other Hello! Project dances, surely! /sarcasm. The dance does absolutely nothing for me. I used to be one who would fangirl over any new H!P dance shot, and learn it as best I can if I liked it enough. I don’t know whether its with age that the urge is wearing off, or whether its because I just do NOT like this choreography at all, but I find myself flicking over to another tab when the dance parts come up. That, or just laughing at how scrappy it looks. I don’t know whether it’s the camera angle, but they don’t even look like they’re spaced out properly. And hello, blocking problems much? I can’t see Linlin at all in the screencap below, and it’s one of the many times this happens.

Kuchibiru ni wa... oh wait, that's Buono!

I like the lyrics to this, the parts I can understand. At first, the MY FACE!/ MY SMILE! lines really, really irritated me, but I don’t mind them so much now. Most of the lyrics seem to be quite egocentric and showy, but theres really not much else to expect from a song titled as this one is, right? I love the whole song, but if I had to choose, my favourite parts are the two choruses.

“If the world was one with only beautiful people,

Then everyone would be ordinary!

That person, this person, the neighbour

Come on, let’s be different

It looks like it’s finally my turn

Shine on ahead, ah, MY FACE!”

Takitty rocks the catwalk

And the second chorus:

“If the world was one with only celebrities,

Then the news would be boring!

Here, there, everywhere

It’s all a stage

The curtain is finally rising.

Tremble nervously ahead, ah, MY SMILE!” (I think this means in the sort of way that you’re nervous, but excited, so you’re smiling yet shaking?)

Linlin posing~

I mean, the song actually goes with what’s going on in the PV, which sometimes seems to be a challenge for Hello! Project (^.~)

Gaki-san is enjoying herself WAY too much (o.o)

Okay, this has really just gone from “I’m going to half-ass attempt to make a review” to picspam to fangirlism to translating lyrics. I TOLD you it’d be all over the shop. So, I’m going to stop the “review” part now. I love the closeups and makeup shots. The colours and the faces they make (Gaki comes to mind!) just win. I dislike the dance so much. It doesn’t seem too well put together, and there are a few moments where there is a girl noticably getting the timing different from the others. Because of the camera angle, the girls in the back are sometimes hidden behind the ones in front. The only part I like is right at the end, when they keep a pose while spinning their hips around. They’re actually all in sync there, and it just looks smexy. You’ll know what I mean when you see it.


The actually song itself is very likeable. I’m getting more and more used to the MY FACE/MY SMILE each time I re-watch to write more or screencap again. The way Takitty sings “tanoshii” makes me swoon, every single Eririn line is pure musical bliss. Reina is, as usual, just very good. My favourite lines of hers are probably her parts in the choruses. Her solo lines in the beginning are nothing special for me. Risa does well, you can really tell her improvement compared to songs she has solos on from say, 2 years ago. Poor Sayumi once again gets the “Ah’s”, but it’s what she is good at doing I guess. The Pandas and Aika deserve at least a line each! JunLin especially. The lyrics, following on from Kimagure Princess, hint a bit at sexuality once again. Personally, I love it. The girls are getting older and these sorts of feelings are something that they should be proud to sing about, whether the wota like it or not.

She even makes singing about the weather look GOOD (>.<)/

Overall, I think the song is better than the PV, but there are plenty of saving graces which make me still want to watch the PV again, and again, and again!! I ADORE the instrumental! I hate to say it, but without Koharu having solo lines that can scare away potential new fans, this single may have a good chance of selling good. May. If I can, I’m definitely going to be buying at least the single, and maybe one of the DVD copies once I see what they have on them. Try before you buy (^.^) Now, to picspam for the rest of my post~!!

Reina, don't try too hard

No seriously. Don't. Hey, are you hungry?

Reina, hungry for the first time, gets ready for the wota-hunt (zomg Reina eating?! no way!)

This pose is adorable!

No comment needed, really. How cool would it be to have a smile like that?! (^u^)

Out of Aika and Sayumi...

Sayumi DOESN'T win!

AH! I've lost my title to Aika?! Bitch.

Junjun in one of her rare moments of camera time (T.T)

Gaki must prepare...

...for the awesomeness that is her pose!

Fangasmic much?

Say wha? Theres someone who actually appreciates my personality as well as my good looks and rocking voice?!

It ain't over til we say the PV is over.

Reina if you ugly-wink one more time you will lose that eye!!

No matter what you try Sayu, Aika will try less, and yet do better.

Don't look too happy to go, Risa!

The one awesome move in the whole dance shot!

My translations of the lyrics:

I have a shower and stare into the mirror

Make-up is so much fun!

It seems that showing off just a little bit is okay

That way you stand up tall


Why is it wrong for girls to stand out?

I’m aching

Inside my chest

It seems like love is about to begin

It’s a woman’s intuition

We’re always ready and OK


If the world was one with only beautiful people,

Then everyone would be ordinary!

That person, this person, the neighbour

Come on, let’s be different

It looks like it’s finally my turn

Shine on ahead, ah, MY FACE!


Even if a slightly strong wind was to blow up skirt

I don’t really mind about things like that

If its for stimulation then the stronger the better

That way you long for all sorts of things


Why is it wrong for girls to stand out?

So much so that I can’t complain,

The weather is good today

Everyone is watching

My swaying hips and

My see-through top (yes, seriously!)


If the world was one with only celebrities,

Then the news would be boring!

Here, there, everywhere

It’s all a stage

The curtain is finally rising.

Tremble nervously ahead, ah, MY SMILE!


If the world was one with only beautiful people,

Then everyone would be ordinary!

That person, this person, the neighbour

Come on, let’s be different

It looks like it’s finally my turn

Shine on ahead, ah, MY FACE!

What an uber cool shot to end the PV with.


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