Non Peace #11

2009-02-02 17:51:19

☆Question Time☆

Everyone heart3 Thank you so much for the many comments  ニコニコ heart3 heart3 stars2

I’m reading through them at the moment, though only bit by bit heart3 (^O^) heart3 peace

I got a lot of questions, so I’m gonna have a little Answer Ti長音記号2me nihihi up1 up1

loveletter How was it that you were able to learn how to cook? loveletter

It’s safe to say that I was completely unable to when I first got married,  that’s how bad I was…

But as for studying, I did that by getting taught by my mother and mother-in-law, reading through a lot cookbooks and the like ニコニコ

But the food that Non cooks now is all measured by eye, so the taste ends up different everyday… ase sweatdrop*smiles bitterly* sweatdrop

So, I’m still a beginner nihihi peace sweatdrop
And so, I’m gonna be much more persistant

loveletter What’s your diet method?

I’m not doing any kind of diet you’d call a “diet” ase

But I do things like carry my daughter Noa on my back when I’m putting her to bed, and walk for about 4 or 5 hours everyday nihihi peace up1 up1

To play with Noa the whole day is to be moving around possibly about the same as doing a live performance ➀ or ➁ times ase

It feels good to go out for a walk when the weather is fine heart3 heart3 heart3

loveletter How was the childbirth?

Yeah… I had an extremely difficult delivery shock
As might be expected from Tsuji (➁➁ years old), it took ➁ hours ase sweatdrop2sweatdrop2
Non is muscular, so it seems that my pelvis was being very firm ase
But it was with only a few bad memories that I gave birth to my daughter, who is so cu長音記号2te ニコニコ heart3 heart3 stars2
heart3heart3heart3heart3heart3 She’s my treasure heart3heart3heart3heart3heart3

Who does Noa take after?  loveletter

Hm長音記号2m… shobon She has a face that says, “She belongs to both of usニコニコ up1 up1
She looks similar to the two of us when we were young  duck
But theres no mistaking that her sleeping face is Sugiura-kun’s
ニコニコ zz lol

loveletter What cell phone do you use? loveletter


This… ase

loveletter Do you have marriage quarrels?

We have a lot of small arguments ニコニコ It’d be weird if we didn’t fight ニコニコ
But we instantly make up; basically we are extre
2 2 2 2 2 mely intimate nihihi heart3 heart3 187
nihihi heart3 heart3 heart3 heart3 heart3

Do you use something for skincare? loveletter
I’m really bad for a woman; I don’t do anything…
Maybe you could call this it
Just doing this to apply face lotion is oka
2y ase

This is fi2ne heart3 Try it heart3

And so x➁, the questions for this time end about here ニコニコ hand heart3 (^O^) heart3


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