Non Peace #4

2009-01-31 22:48:38

☆Many thanks for today☆

Kyaa長音記号1 長音記号1 長音記号1 長音記号1 長音記号1 aa  ニコニコ ラブラブ DASH!

Day One’s concert, my first time after a year and 9 months, has safely come to an e
長音記号1nd  note

Although I was REAAAAAAAAAAALLY nervous,

I had a REAAAAAAAAAAAALLY happy time
ラブラブ! heart3 heart3 heart3 stars2

Its nothing surprising but, Non really loves to sing and dance heart3 heart3 heart3

To all the people who came even though it rained,

Thank you so much, truly heart3

Tomorrow’s the second performance ニコニコ heart3 heart3 stars2

I’m gonna do my best right ’til the ee長音記号1
長音記号1 長音記号1 長音記号1 長音記号1nd heart3

Even though I’m just about home right now,

I’m so high in spirits that I definitely won’t sleep tonight as we長音記号1 ll にひひ sweatdrop

This is a sudden shot of that kind of Non ニコニコ



It’s all………. blurry, isn’t it……ニコニコ sweatdrop sweatdrop sweatdrop

I want to give lots of CHU長音記号2s to Noa-tan, at least to a degree where I won’t wake her; she’s fast became a good kid, so shes “house-sitting” ニコニコ heart3 heart3


Wait for me, okay? heart3 (^O^) heart3 走る人 hand


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