Non Peace #3

2009-01-31 17:56:15

☆Love x2☆

I’ve been rehearsing today, since morning *≧ω≦*☆

I’m having an amazingly fun time from rehearsal☆☆☆

That kind of rehearsal site is actually the place I’m relaying this message fro~m (^0^)/♪♪♪

First up…

☆Ogawa Makoto~☆

We did a CHU (kiss) p(^^)q


And then…

☆Fujimoto Mikitty~☆

Once again, we did a CHU p(^^)q


And then, and the~~~~~n

Inaba Atsuko, Mai-chan and I…☆ *∩∀∩*☆

did a CHU, once aga~in(^O^)♪♪♪

I really love them all☆☆☆


Shoo~ory to all my fans, going and kissing everyone like that(>_<)…

In this way, everyone’s keeping at it *≧ω≦*♪♪♪♪

We~ll,  today’s performance is from 6pm!!!


My heart’s pounding…(-.-;)

I’m gonna go do my best today as well, with my Ribbon Power at full throttle(^0^)/♪♪♪

Oka~y, I’ll see you after☆(^O^)☆



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