…Tsunku?! No. I am not making my first post in a long while about TSUNKU?! Ok, actually, I am. Tsunku, Makoto, Ayaka, and me.

So yeah, umm, for tomorrow (Japan time) happy 40TH!! birthday to the guy who still has to attach a sign to his name to reassure himself that no, he will not grow breasts tomorrow… or, you know, whatever his reasoning is *snigger*

'cos shes just a little too unnoticed.. i like her all the more!

Same goes to Makocchan!! No, you idiot, not the breasts thing, not that shes particularly busty or anything, but she obviously doesn’t need to worry bout that. Now look at me, going and getting all distracted and talking about Mako’s breasts. Ok, focus. On the birthday. Happy birthday 21st for tomorrow Makocchan!

And then, the day after (the day I’m finally getting around to visiting Osaka’s H!P shop!!!!), its the (well… not-so-) recently married and ‘graduated’ Ayaka! So theres another happy bday!

And um, to me. Sorry. Thats bout it. I think about posting very little, but when I do think of it, I really do want to do it. I just don’t have time to come onto the computer, and when I do have free time at home, I’d rather go out and ride my bike, or go running, or dance or whatever. Yes, its stupid, all these excuses.

Really, I wanted to blog about H!P because everyone disses them nowdays here. But, I kept talking bout it to my friends, and eventually they’ve started getting back into the old Momusu, even if its only for my sake, during karaoke; once or twice even, my friends have had news for me on H!P that I didn’t know about because I’d been too busy to check IntlWota! So, now, Im not deprived of people who will talk about what I love.

And then, theres Chibi-chan. Lol. Shes one of my volunteer teachers daughters. But, me and Kamei-san have become really close despite the age difference, and I go to her house after club if I’m having probs at home or I just wanna see Chibi-chan as I call her daughter. She LOVES Kirarin Revolution, Koharu, Milky, and Buono! And likes Momusu, C-ute and Berryz to a degree. Which, if you have read my past post about Koharu, and if you know my LOVE for Buono, I’m one happy camper. Who cares that Chibi-chan’s um.. 8? I love kids. My sister is 8. Its all good, and we’ve become pretty close. Like, last week right, we were watching the Tan Tan Taan PV together cos she taped it (haha) and I started singing to it and Chibi was like “URUSAI YANEN!” Basically, telling me to shutup in Osaka-ben. We have a lovely relationship XD Anyway, we talk about H!P and Kirarin and whatever heaps, so, even if its a kid Im talking to, I dont feel lonely anymore when it comes to H!P. So if I suddenly disappear again after this… blame it on the kid XD



Adolenscent memo over, I’m pissed. But, I know for Ayaka, Mikitty, and the other talented ones, theres definately more opportunity for them outside H!P. Im on the upside bout it :)

And my host mums home, so toodles ^^


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