H!P #2

…I still can’t believe I’m about to say this. About 3 months ago, you would not hear me say or see me type these words even if it was to save my life. No friggen way. And yet, no matter how many billion times I reordered everyone in my list this morning, she continued to stay number 2. What the? Okay Ashi. Stop ranting now. Just say it. Prepare the soundproof glass wall(to block out the rotten fruit and protest rallys) and just tell them. Or, better yet, just show them.


The super-genki, great idol personality, unfairly overhated idol...

The beautiful, super-genki, fairly yet unfairly overhated idol...

 2.Koharu Kusumi!

No, I’m not crazy. Whatever changed my mind about this girl, I’m not entirely sure, but it happened fast and so unexpectedly that I’m kind of worried the feeling will burn out.

Yes. I know shes not that talented at singing. Shes had to work towards improving, and by her small, yet awesome part in Pepper Keibu, I KNOW she has. Its just that, she’s so good at acting as Kirari, shes forgotten to create her non-Kirari chara.

You see, I believe that Koharu is really NOTHING like her Kirari character. In the audition footage and early footage of her, I really don’t see much of an annoyingly childish and outgoing personality AT ALL. Its not that I haven’t come to adore this character of hers or anything. But, theres a real Koharu underneath the layers that I know exists. Koharu is my age, if a few months younger. Out of all the girls our age, I bet my money on there being only a few, like Koharu and (lol) me, that would put up with and slightly enjoy acting and singing for the childish world of Kirari. But, to have it as your sole chara? Do you wonder why?!

I have a theory. I think the Koha is really quite shy, maybe not so good with the outgoing thing. For a while, she was just the ‘girl next door like, relatively untalented newbie’. She seemed to have no charm points other than her slightly confused, cute newbiness. And then, suddenly, an offer! A solo career with a new idol personality thrown in! She didn’t need to work hard to make one that suits her and to find a place in H!P, the anime, the songwriters, the costume designers; they did it for her! And now, shes probably in a contract. She can’t leave or become too grown up, her job doesn’t call for that.

Aibon, anybody?  I’m really worried for Koha. I love both sides of her; the hyper side that shes hated for, either for

a) Because people think its real and it pisses them off

or b) Because people can see that shes acting, and calling the poor girl fake for something she has to do. 

and also the more mature side, the real Koharu Kusumi.

Watch this. Its just a simple backstage clip, but look at that. Theres just a normal girl, with a normal Japanese girl’s voice, talking to a friend. And whos that girl? Koharu. No high pitchedness. No crazy stuff. Its pretty real. Ok, granted shes still on camera, being interviewed. But, when shes with Sayu, shes not being all “Hahaha Sayu I love you hahaha lets go eat my Papa’s pancakes.” Shes so adorably serious when she was first answering the question. 

Anyway, shes hot. And thats one thing that Ive only ever once been able to say about Aibon lol. I happen to not mind her new photobook pictures, despite the fact that I’m pretty against photobooks. At least, I used to be. If they’re not used for… you know… I don’t mind. Theres worse stuff out there. So, you know, Koharus hot. And she rocks short shorts.

And, wow, can she dance. Blame Kirari choreography if you think she can’t. Because, well, just to repeat the point; GAWDDAM SHE CAN DANCE.

Yes, I understand if you hate her. Believe me, I’ve been there. If you find Konnichipa an untalented, worthless “noise”, instead of an entertaining, purposely done joke of a song, I guess I’ll let it slide. Hopefully, someday, you’ll see the difference between her slowly developing voice, which I loved in Pepper Keibu, and her Kirari voice, which hopefully she’ll learn to improve and keep to her solo career.

(Btw, happy 1 day belated bday Takitty!! I was too busy complaining yesterday and I missed it -.-)


5 Responses to “H!P #2”

  1. 1 habichan September 16, 2008 at 10:54 pm

    Yay! Love for koharu :)
    I’m exactly the same as you! A few months ago she was in my bottom 2! The reason i think is because to be honest i didn’t pay attention to koharu that much so i was going off what other people were saying about her! Most of it was hate so i felt hate towards her because of that. Then i started actually watching her and grew to love her! She is now 4th? in my rankings.
    I love her! You never see a sad face on her and you can see she tries so hard. Even if she does lipsync in live performances, her energy in her dancing and smile makes up for it :)
    She has also improved a lot!

    Wow sorry, essay over xD


  2. 2 SUP WENDY September 17, 2008 at 5:51 am

    Yeah, I can see what you’re saying. She’s hard not to like. Also, I love Konnichipa. I set it to the noise for whenever I get an email… >3>

  3. 3 habichan September 20, 2008 at 2:13 am

    Haha me too :D
    Your probably the first person i know that actually likes that song! It’s so addictive and not one bit annoying :)
    Well not for me anyways xDDDD

  4. 4 sukichan September 20, 2008 at 7:00 pm

    yeah I totally agree with all of you. Koharu is actually #1 on my list and I’m happy that someone also notices about koharu’s “true side”. in the makings of the morning musume music video makings, she doesn’t talk much. while all the others members in mm were talking and having fun, koharu just basically stared at them.
    Konnichipa is actually a very fun song. the voice is kind of overwhelming, but hey, it makes me laugh.
    In pepper keibu, koharu did a fantastic job. her singing was very normal and good. :)

  5. 5 habichan September 21, 2008 at 5:33 am

    Another thing i would like to say too… If people think koharus voice is annoying have they heard linlin’s? haha xD
    Sorry, i had the need to say it. I still love linlin though, she’s my 3rd fav :)

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