JPop Inventory Time

…because when you wasted too much of your childhood playing video games, inventory is the first word that comes to mind.

I’ve found quite a few shops that I don’t know how I’ll live without back in Australia. But right now,  the Tsutaya (big name rental and purchase place) at my school’s closest train station is at the top of my list. They ALWAYS have ex-rental CDs going on sale for about 100¥ there all the time, and theres often a few H!P in the mix. Yes, its a little less satisfying than buying at my other fav shop, Book-Off, when you have impossibly unremovable “RENTAL” stickers and labels and such on the cd and covers, and a few noticable scratches (which is why its ex-rental). But they all work fine so it doesn’t matter much.

Anyway, after another hard day yesterday, I decided to check into Tsutaya before catching the train home, and I came out with 7 cds more to my collection, and only 650¥ poorer! Every time, after a good purchase like that, I go home to the realisation that I’m adding to the problem of “need to find a place for this” pile in my room. As I just stood there thinking, “What the hell am I going to do? I must have like, 30 cds/dvds/vhs by now!” I got distracted by that thought, and decided to count them all. Wow, was I suprised at how much I’ve bought/gotten since coming to Japan! To think I came here with not a single one of them! And then, I piled them all in the order I bought them, and wrote it all in my diary. Why? I dunno. Because the thought of cleaning just wasn’t sitting well with me, I guess. Also, I figured that I should keep track of the numbers. Because I’m just that strange kind of person.

So anyway, inventory time for you all! If I know the dates, I wrote them down. If I don’t, I gave an estimated day based on release day and my previous diary entries XD “Shouldn’t you order them by groups or something logical?” I could, but the point here is to show how bad my obsession has progressed with buying JPOP stuff since March, and to hopefully slow myself down with the guilty facts.

Yeah, its big, and graphs don’t seem to work on here so I had to make an image of it. So go ahead and clickie on it, then clickie on it again to make it bigger. 

Total: 41 CDs/DVDs/VHS; 40 Jpop, 35 H!P, 2 Johnnys, 1 Avex, 1 Warner and 1 English-language later, and I now know: I AM OBSESSED… and I LOVE IT XD

(And I’m also very, very late for dance club, because I wanted to actually get this post up like, today. Oh crap XD)


And now that I have more time, I remembered to count up how much I’ve spent. Oh my god. On only 11 purchases I payed full price on alone (and above full price for the two I bought at the concert), I’ve spent ¥24,565!! For all you Americans, thats (for nows exchange rate) just under $231!! And for the 26 ex-rental/used purchases, I’ve spent about ¥9000/$84!!

….Thats a total of about ¥33565/$315. In 6 months…

What does this tell me? That I’m definately better off searching for that Sakura Mankai CD at Book-Off, Tsutaya sales etc; seeing as that was the reason I first went to Book-Off that fateful (lol) July 27 and discovered the HUGE section of Hello! Project stuff, mostly DVDs. It confirms my thoughts that “I really shouldn’t buy Gachinko de Ikou/5/Pepper Keibu/Lucky All Right for now, despite the fact that I um… REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT THEM!” And who knows when I’ll be able to get them in the future? Sure, I found 60s 70s 80s at Tsutaya the other day even though its only a few months old, but thats cos its popular. It gets rented out a lot and eventually some idiot scratches it enough to be put in the ex-rental pile, even though it works fine. But for a H!P release? Goodness knows how long I’ll have to wait!!

I really, REALLY hope my Mum doesn’t somehow find this blog. Its almost impossible that she would even search for it, but uh, if she did? With the whole money thing? Heh heh… But, I mean, she’s already said its ok seeing as music is basically my life, one of the only things that REALLY make me happy, and mainly:

I’ve learnt SO much from just reading through the lyrics booklets and looking up the kanji and words, plus just listening to the song. Its an endless convo point as I often ask my friends about the stranger particles,modern words,natural sayings and variant kanji that aren’t in the dictionary. Theres so many examples I can think of, but I’ll just use a simple one of variant kanji that pissed me off for a while.

I WISH’s 淋しい (sabishii/samishii). You know, watashi dake ga samishii no?. First of all, both my dictionary, and my cell’s dictionary (which is a lot more updated and has some more ‘youthy’ words then the dictionary) didn’t have samishii at all. But, if I type it in on the computer, it comes up with the right kanji. That confused me, but my Host Mum said its just another way of saying sabishii. “Oh, lonely, ok, problem solved.” Right? NO. Now, the first kanji in the DICTIONARY version of sabishii/samishii is 寂. And yet, there was a 淋 staring me in the face. I could only get that kanji by doing a kanji lookup via radicals. Now I know that the 淋 is the modernly used kanji, thanks to MM. 

(Cos I’m such a friggen perfectionist, kanji radical lookups and such… that kind of thing comes standard with me XD) Anyway, to cut a long, unrelated rant short, my Mum just needs to know I’m learning a lot from my favourite music, and the price can remain as “I bought it from the 2nd hand shop” lol. So I should stop buying new CDs for full price, no matter how much I want to.


2 Responses to “JPop Inventory Time”

  1. 1 rockynguyen September 15, 2008 at 9:24 am

    Amazing collection! I really need a job so I can start a collection. XD

  2. 2 theycallmefoot September 15, 2008 at 10:11 am

    Thanks! Good luck with starting one! I was editing the post during the time when you commented, so as you can see if you read the edit, it is EXPENSIVE to buy them full price. So, if you’re serious about supporting and spending your hard earned money on your fav artists, good luck! (sorry, if that discourages you lol)

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