So I like H!P… but WHY?

Hmm, actually, thats a bit of a hard question that I’m not entirely certain of myself. 

I guess we should change it to “Who makes me like H!P?” or something to that effect right? Sound good? Good. Ok. Lets start with…


My Top 5!


The adorable, talented, most awesome idol...

1. Kago Ai!

 Theres no way to fully describe my feelings for Aibon without giving off completely stalker-ish, obsessive, lesbian vibes. But I’ll try to tone it down!

She was the full, perfect image of an idol. She had a nice, yet immensly interesting personality. Aibon NEVER seemed like she was trying to hard or working off looks or sexuality; she was just being herself and as such was always a highlight!  Although a genuinely fun person,  she occassionally seemed shy or unwilling to show her michieveous character she was given, and it was during those times that she showed her maturity, or the mature person she wanted people to see.

There is no doubt in my mind that she is an awesome idol, singer and actor and made every song, concert, TV appearance etc she was a part of better, ever since the beginning. The ending of I WISH? Owned it. The monologue of AS FOR ONE DAY? The best part of the song! 2nd Gen Tanpopo was the best it ever was, and I credit it to her addition. Her fan CD solo and her solo version of Da Di Du De Do are gorgeous. W, of course, will forever be one of my favourite parts of H!P, 3/4 because of her. An obvious lead with PLENTY of solos in the Sakura Gumi concert? Is there any wonder that its the best H!P concert I’ve watched? 

And since she reappeared this April/May (just after I came to Japan!!), I haven’t missed a single scheduled TV appearance and I often check her blog, and then the translations by Hello!Online. I love this side of her where she can show who she really is and not be held down by the believable, yet childish, character that she had to follow in H!P. She went through a rough stage which has eventually made her a better person, and idol. Wait no, thats wrong. I think shes BETTER than the title of an idol. Shes my number one inspirational person for her mental strength, the way she thinks, acts, is determined to share her lovable, true personality to everyone who supports her. Shes an unforgetable part of history, at least to me. She went down a shamed girl, but has come back with the strength, determination and maturity, along with the normal human flaws, that make her such a great woman.

I still can’t believe I had to miss out on the fan meet she had here in Osaka. I’ll admit it, I cried a little when it was the day she was here. Who knows when I’d have another to see her in the same CITY?! Without having to travel across the globe just for the purpose to see her?

I have NO doubt that shes going to own Japan, once they get over offering her a cigarette or asking the poor woman, for the billionth time, how it was to try committing suicide.

Ganbatte, Aibon!

(Now that I’ve written this, I definately should have started from the 5th person and worked up. Oh well, I’ll just make it a little series. Look forward to the next 4, probably smaller and easier to read, posts!)


3 Responses to “So I like H!P… but WHY?”

  1. 1 Usa-chan September 11, 2008 at 1:46 am

    I love reading opinion articles like this! I love when you can feel that a person truly loves their favorite idol, and believes in them 100%

    I wish H!P weren’t so crazy when it came to song names. The song you mensioned that she did a solo of is actually called Da di du de do da di.

  2. 2 SUP WENDY September 11, 2008 at 4:59 am

    Kago is my role model. I admire how she was able to pull herself together after such a hard time, and she’ll always be my favourite H!P member even though she’s not there anymore. I’m glad to see other people with such strong support for Aibon, and I’m interested in who the other 4 people on your list will be. n___n (I kind of want to make my own list now… =3=;; )

  3. 3 theycallmefoot September 14, 2008 at 10:07 am

    Thanks Usa-chan! Reading back on my post, to me it ‘feels’ like an essay or report with some of the words I used, so I was a bit worried it would seem fake or forced. So I’m super happy someone can tell how I feel ^^ And thanks for telling me the right song name, your right, some of the names are so hard to memorize and theres so many for us to remember… XD

    Yay Wendy, another person who looks up to Aibon as their role model!!! Its awesome that we share the same thoughts bout her and her place in H!P ^^ Well, to tell the truth, right now I’m looking over all of the names of H!P again, cos I’ll think I’ve got the right order and then suddenly I’m like “OMG but what about THIS girl? She should go here instead” and stuff. So it’ll take a while lol. Well, If you ever start a list feel free to comment a link to it here, I wanna know how other people think about H!P members!

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