New Eggs Unit!

From information I found on the Pony Canyon site, here, it looks like Shugo Chara! is getting some more H!P Kids love!

Everyone, gather up~ Shugo Chara! festival in ODAIBA (Shugo Chara x H!P Egg New Unit Live Show!)
Everyone, gather up~ Shugo Chara! Festival in ODAIBA (Shugo Chara x H!P Egg New Unit Live Show!)



I think I still don’t understand Japanese enough to be totally reliable as a translator… But, it looks like it’ll start as a unit in October. On Saturday 20th of this month there’ll be “Shugo Chara! Festival in ODAIBA” in Tokyo. There, they’ll anounce the name and members of the group, and there’ll be a Mini Live and Talk!

Hey that wasnt so hard XD

But, I have to wonder, will this be an Eggs ONLY unit? It sure seems so. If thats the case, how will it go? Yeah, a few of them have talent that should be shown more, but I’m a little worried that the wrong girls will be picked or they won’t sound so good together/live/all the time or something. Maybe I’m just not giving them enough credit and should stop picking on them. Lol, not. I’ll do that the day more than a few of them prove to me they can sing.

No, but seriously, I can’t wait to see how this turns out, for better or worse.


(On a side note; Hey, I’m Ashi. I’ve been lurking IW since about Nov/December when I got into H!P. I made a blog for H!P, but then I moved here to Japan like a week later. So, you know, I silently deleted a while ago. Then, when I first got into Shuuchishin (“Donmai, donmai, donmai, donmai, nakanaide”) I made this blog, hence the title. I mostly just ranted about Risako and H!P kids and still had an unfinished novel-sized post about the Summer Wonderful Hearts concert yet to post; but I decided to delete all that and start over from today. So, YOROSHIKUUUU XD)


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